Monday, October 9, 2017

Records For Sale

Hey look, it's my list of records for sale! I tried doing two things, but simply ran out of energy, so SOME of the disks have...

1) an idea of condition, pressing year, etc. and whether it comes with a poster or inserts or is in shrink or anything

2) a price of either $3, $6, $10 and a few that are beyond that. So if you're wondering "why is that Carpenters album $6?!," it may be because it's quad and really clean. Or if you're confused why a 1960s Who album is only $3, it may not be in perfect condition.  I have separated all the LPs into one of these categories, so you can browse pretty easily on Nov. 5.

I've tried to keep these prices fair, and since you're (hopefully) coming over in-person, you can inspect for yourself instead of ordering online and hoping the disk arrives in the stated condition... or arrives at all.

Here's the list of 45s for sale (which will mostly be $1).
And this is the list of equipment I'm selling.
Finally, here's a crate flip video with a random selection of just a few of the boxes of LPs for sale.

.38 Special Twentieth Century Fox'/'One of the Lonely Ones' 1983 A&M SP-17284 12"/wlp
? And the Mysterians 20 96 Tears 1978 London GFX-2031 Mono/Japanese/obi/ins
10,000 Maniacs 6 "What's the Matter Here?" 1987 Elektra ED-5312 12"/sgl/tol
10cc Deceptive Bends 1977 Mercury 9102-502 British
Abba Greatest Hits 1976 Atlantic SD-18189 srw
Abba The Album 1977 Polydor 2335-180 German
ABC The Look of Love 12"/sgl
Abdul, Paula 5 Forever Your Girl
Abdul, Paula "Opposites Attract" 1988 Virgin 0-96528 12"/sgl/sm splt
AC/DC Touch Too Much' 1979 Atlantic 20-206 France/12"/sgl
Air Supply Lost In Love 1980 ss Arista
Airto Identity
Alarm, The 6 Strength
Allison, Luther 15 Love Me Mama
Almeida, Laurindo 6 Guitar From Ipanema 1964 Capitol ST-2197
Almighty, The 10 "Little Lost Sometimes" 1991 Polydor PZ-151 British/box/ins/12"/sgl
Alpert, Herb "Rise" 1979 A&M SP-12022 12"/sgl/clear vinyl
Alpert, Herb & the TJB Christmas Album 1968 A&M SP-4166
Altern 8 3 Hypnotic ST-8 12"/sgl/UK
American Flyer 3 American Flyer
Ammons, Gene 6 Best of with Brother Jack McDuff 196? Prestige
Ammons, Gene Got My Own
Anderson, Leroy 6 Music of, Vol. 2 (Fennell-Eastman/Rochester Pops) 196? Mercury SR-90043 Living Presence
Andrea True Connection More More More 1975
Anka, Paul 3 Anka 1974 United Artists UA-LA-314-G sm splt
Anka, Paul Anka 1974 United Artists UA-LA-314-G
Anka, Paul The Music Man 1977 United Artists UA-LA-746-H India/woc/sm splt
Apple Pie Motherhood Band 6 Apple Pie Motherhood Band 1968 Atlantic SD-8189
Armstrong, Louis 10 Satch Plays Fats
Armstrong, Louis Classics 195? Decca DL-5225 Mono/10"/srw
Assassins, The 40 Partners in Crime
Association, The 3 Goodbye Columbus
Association, The 3 Greatest Hits! 1970 Warner Bros. WS-1767
Association, The Association, The 196? Warner Bros. WS-1800 no cvr/wlp
Atkins, Chet Hummm and Strum Along with Chet Atkins
Atmospheres Atmospheres featuring Clive Stevens & Friends
Average White Band 3 Soul searching
Average White Band 6 Average White Band
Average White Band 6 Average White Band
Ayler, Albert Witches & Devils
B-52s (Schneider, Fred) 6 And the Shake Society
Bacharach, Burt 3 Make It Easy On Yourself 1969 A&M SO-4188
Bachman-Turner Overdrive 3 Not Fragile 1974 Mercury SRM-1-1004
Bad Company Bad Company 1974 Island ILPS-9279 UK
Badfinger 6 No Dice 1970 Apple SKAO-3367
Badfinger 10 Ass 1973 Apple SW-3411
Badfinger 20 Unreleased and Some Released 198? Rotten Apple ST-8804 2LP/boot
Badu, Erykah 3 Southern Gul 12" sgl/pr
Baez, Joan 6 Diamonds & Rust
Band Aid 6 Do They Know It's Christmas 1984 in shrink
Band, The 6 The Last Waltz 1978 3LP
Band, The 6 Northern Lights/Southern Cross 1975 Capitol ST-11440 cut/srw
Band, The 10 Cahoots 1971 Capitol SMAS-651
Band, The 10 Moondog Matinee 1973 Capitol SW-11214 re
Band, The Music From Big Pink 1968 Capitol SKAO-2955
Banks, Tony 6 Soundtracks
Barbieri, Gato Ruby, Ruby 1977 A&M SP-4655 wlp
Barbieri, Gato and Dollar Brand Confluence
Barrabas Barrabas 1974 Atco SD-36-110 pr/saw
Bartok Music for Strings (Von Karajan) 197? EMI UK
Basie, Count 10 Basie's Beatle Bag Mono/wlp
Basie, Count Basie Jam Montreux 1975
Basie, Count April In Paris Verve MGV-8012 sm splt/Mono
Basie, Count Count Basie and His Orchestra 196? Coronet CXS-274 ss
Basie, Count and Zoot Sims Basie & Zoot
Bass-Drum-Bone Wooferlo 1989 Soul Note 121-187
Beach Boys, The 3 Surfin' U.S.A. 1963 Capitol ST-1890 sm splt/woc
Beach Boys, The 3 Shut Down, Vol. 2 1964 Capitol T-2027 Mono
Beach Boys, The 3 Concert 1964 Capitol TAO-2198 Mono/ins
Beach Boys, The 3 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) 1965 Capitol T-2354 Mono
Beach Boys, The 3 Beach Boys Party! 1965 Capitol MAS-2398 Mono/srw/woc
Beach Boys, The 6 Beach Boys '69 Live in London 1976 Capitol ST-11584 cut
Beach Boys, The 6 Endless Summer 1974 2LP
Beach Boys, The 6 Beach Boys Party! Mono/ins
Beach Boys, The 6 Shut Down, Vol. 1 1963 Capitol T-1918 Mono
Beach Boys, The 6 Today! 1965 Capitol T-2269 Mono
Beach Boys, The 6 Holland 1973 Reprise MS-2118 no bonus EP
Beach Boys, The 6 Rarities 1983 Capitol ST-12293
Beach Boys, The 6 Beach Boys In Concert 1973 Reprise/Brother 2RS-6484 2LP/srw
Beach Boys, The 6 Surfing's Greatest Hits 1963 Capitol T-1995 Mono
Beach Boys, The 10 Stack-o-Tracks 1966 Capitol DKAO-2893 bk
Beach Boys, The 130 Pet Sounds 1995 DCC DJZ-2006 Mono/1/2-sp/180g/ins/in shrink
Beach Boys, The 'Here Comes the Night' 1978 Caribou 2Z8-9028 12"/sgl
Beach Boys, The Surfer Girl 196? sm splt
Beach Boys, The Little Deuce Coupe 1963 Capitol ST-1998 no jacket
Beach Boys, The Surfin' Safari 1962 Capitol T-1808 Mono/sm splt
Beach Boys, The Surfin' U.S.A. 1963 Capitol T-1890 Mono
Beach Boys, The All Summer Long 1964 Capitol T-2110 Mono
Beach Boys, The Love You 1977 Brother MSK-2258 sm splt
Beach Boys, The 15 Big Ones 1976 Reprise MS-2251
Beach Boys, The Best of, Vol. 2 1969 Capitol DT-502706 Rec cl/sm splt
Beastie Boys, The 15 Licensed to Ill 1986 Columbia/Def Jam
Beastie Boys, The Ill Communication 1994 Capitol C1-28599 2LP/in shrink
Beatles, The 3 Something New 1964 Capitol T-2108 Mono
Beatles, The 10 22x4 198? TAKRL (No #) 2LP/boot
Beatles, The Reel Music
Beatles, The Talk Downunder 1981 PVC 8911 Interview disc/in shrink
Beatles, The Revolver 1966 Capitol T-2576 Mono/sm splt
Beatles, The Anthology, Vol. 3 1996 Capitol C1-7243-8-34451-1-0 ss
Beatles, The Get Back Sessions 197? TMQ-71024 boot
Beatles, The The Beatles Story 1964 Capitol TBO-2222 2LP/Mono/srw/sm splt
Beatles, The The Beatles Story 1964 Capitol TBO-2222 2LP/Mono/sm splt
Beatles, The From the Vaults Trademark of Quality (no number) 8LP box/book/inserts/bootleg
Beatles, The 1962-66 1973 Apple 2LP/rw
Beatles, The Introducing the Beatles 1964 Vee-Jay in shrink
Beatles, The Strawberry Fields Forever 197? NEMS Clue 9-A boot
Beatles, The Help! [sdtk.] 1971 Apple SMAS-2386 in shrink
Beatles, The Abbey Road 1979 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-023 1/2-sp
Beatles, The Collectors Items 1979 Captiol SPRO-9462 boot
Beatles, The Hear the Beatles Tell All 1979 Vee Jay PRO-202 sm splt/wrp
Beatles, The A Hard Days Night [sdtk.] 1971 United Artists UAS-6366 in shrink
Beatles, The The Early Beatles 1965 Capitol ST-2309 sm splt
Beatles, The The Early Beatles 1987 Capitol ST-2309 in shrink
Beatles, The Beatles VI 1965 Capitol ST-2358
Beatles, The Beatles VI 1987 Apple ST-2358 in shrink
Beatles, The Rubber Soul 1965 Capitol T-2442 Mono
Beatles, The Yesterday & Today 1970 Apple ST-2553 in shrink
Beatles, The Yesterday & Today 1966 Capitol T-2553 Mono/in shrink
Beatles, The Revolver 1971 Apple ST-2576 in shrink
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Capitol MAS-2653 Mono
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Capitol SMAS-2653 in shrink
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour [sdtk.] 1971 Apple SMAL-2835 book
Beatles, The The Beatles 1971 Apple SWBO-101 2LP/ins
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine [sdtk.] 1987 Capitol SW-153 in shrink
Beatles, The Abbey Road 1970 Apple SO-383 in shrink
Beatles, The Hey Jude/The Beatles Again 1970 Apple SW-385 in shrink
Beatles, The 1962-66 1973 Apple SKBO-3403 2LP/wol/woc
Beatles, The Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1977 Capitol SMAS-11638
Beatles, The Rarities 1980 Capitol SHAL-12060
Beatles, The Silver Beatles Vol. 1 1982 Phoenix PHX-352 in shrink
Beatles, The Songs, Pictures and Stories 1964 Vee Jay VJ-1092 Mono/sm splt
Beatles, The The Alternate Revolver 2010 (Fake) EMI PCS-7009 ss
Beatles, The 1967-70 1973 Apple SKBO-3404 2LP/srw/First pressing without "Produced by Phil Spector" notice in gatefold
Beatles, The Introducing the Beatles 1964 VJLP-1062 Mono
Beatles, The Anthology 3 ss
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2013 EMI PCS-7027
Beatles, The The Beatles Christmas Album 1970 Apple SBC-100 pr/in shrink
Beatles, The Anthology, Vol. 2 1996 Capitol C1-7243-8-34448-1-6 ss
Beatles, The Anthology, Vol. 3 1996 Capitol C1-7243-8-34451-1-0
Beatles, The Anthology, Vol. 1 1995 Capitol C1-7243-8-34451-1-0
Beatles, The Let It Be… Naked 2003 Capitol 2LP/ss
Beau Brummels 10 Introducing Beau Brummels 1965
Beck 10 "Where It's At" 1996 DGC PRO-A-8475 12"/sgl
Beck, Bogert, & Appice Beck, Bogert, & Appice 1973 Epic KE-32140
Beck, Jeff 10 What Mama Said' 12" 1999 Epic ss
Beck, Jeff 40 Wired 1976 Epic Japanese/obi
Beck, Jeff Beck-Ola 1980 Epic PE-26478
Beck, Jeff Blow By Blow
Beck, Jeff Wired 1976 Epic PEQ-33849 Quad (SQ)/in shrink
Beck, Jeff There and Back 1980 Epic FE-35684 Textured cvr
Beck, Jeff Jeff Beck Group 1971 Epic KE-31331
Beck, Jeff Rough 'n Ready 1972 Epic KE-30973
Beck, Jeff Blow By Blow 1975 Epic PE-33409
Beck, Jeff Wired 1976 Epic PE-33849 wlp/t&ts
Beck, Jeff Jeff Beck Group 1971 Epic EQ-31331 Quad
Beck, Jeff and the Jan Hammer Group 3 Live 1977 Epic wlp/toc
Bee Gees 3 Sprits Having Flown
Bee Gees, The 3 Main Course 1975 RSO SO-4807 pr/woc
Bee Gees, The 3 Children of the World 1976 RSO RS-1-3003 in shrink
Bee Gees, The 6 Bee Gees First 1967 Atco SD-33-223
Bee Gees, The 6 Bee Gees First 1967 Atco SD-33-223
Bee Gees, The 6 Best of the Bee Gees 1969 Atco SD-33-292 wobc
Bee Gees, The 6 Best of the Bee Gees, Vol. 2 1973 RSO SO-875
Bee Gees, The 10 Size Isn't Everything 1993 BL-1066SR
Belafonte, Harry 6 Calypso 1959 RCA LPM-1248 Mono
Belafonte, Harry Returns to Carnegie Hall 1960 RCA LSO-6007 2LP/Living Stereo
Bell, Archie, and the Drells Tighten Up 1968 Atlantic SC-8181 sm splt
Bell, Maggie Queen of the Night 1974 Atlantic
Bellson, Louis Louis Bellson Explosion ss
Benson, George 3 Breezin' 1976 Warner Bros. BS-2919
Benson, George Give Me the Night 1980 Warner Bros. HS-3453
Benton, Brook And Jesse Belvin Crown
Berline, Byron Live at McCabe's
Berlioz Requiem (Charles Munch-Boston Symphony Orchestra) 1960 RCA Victor Red Seal LDS-6077 2LP/box/book/Living Stereo
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry in Memphis 1965 Mercury MG-21123 no cvr/wlp/Mono
Berry, Chuck After School Session 1987 Chess CH-9284 pr
Berry, Chuck Greatest Hits 1964 Chess 1485 Mono
Bertrami, Jose Roberto Blue Wave
Big Band Charles Mingus Live At the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt Paris, Vol. 1 1989 Soul Note 121-192 ss
Black Keys 50 The Big Come Up 2002 Alive 0044-1
Blackstreet 6 Finally 1999 Interscope INT2-90274 2LP
Blair, John Southern Love
Blake, Norman Old and New
Blanc, Mel 6 Tweety Pie 195? Capitol J-3261 Mono/sm splt
Bley, Paul Copenhagen and Harlem
Blige, Mary J. "'Not Today'" 2003 Geffen 2LP/12"/wlp
Blind Faith 6 Blind Faith
Blind Faith Blind Faith 1969 Atco SD-33-304B "group cover"
Blood, Sweat & Tears 3 Blood, Sweat & Tears 1968 Columbia
Blood, Sweat & Tears 6 Greatest Hits in shrink
Blood, Sweat & Tears 6 Greatest Hits 1974 Columbia CQ-31170 Quad (SQ)
Blood, Sweat & Tears 50 Blood, Sweat & Tears 1980 Direct Disk SD-16605 1/2-sp/ins
Blow, Kurtis The Breaks 1981 Mercury MDS-4010 12"/sgl
Blowfly Fresh Juice 1983 Oops LP-101 srw
Blue Oyster Cult 6 Some Enchanted Evening 1976 Columbia KC 35563
Blues Project Live at Town Hall 196? Verve
Blues Traveler 10 'But Anyway'/'Crystal Flame' 1990 A&M 75021-7404-1 12"/sgl
Bohannon 3 Dance Your Ass Off 197? Brunswick Indian/sm splt
Bolling, Claude 10 Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano Columbia ss
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986 Mercury 830-264-1-M-1
Bond, Johnny Ten Little Bottles 1962 Starday SLP-333 Mono/in shrink
Bonedaddys, The 15 Worldbeatniks 1989 Chameleon ss
Booker T. & the MGs The Booker T. Set 1969 Stax German
Bowers, Bryan Home Home On the Range
Bowie, David 6 Hunky Dory 1971 RCA LSP-4623
Bowie, David 6 Let's Dance 1983 EMI SO-517093
Brandy "'Full Moon'" 2001 Atlantic 12"/pr
Branigan, Gloria 3 Gloria 12"
Brass Ring, The The Brass Ring 1968 Dunhill DS-50023 sm splt/McCartney
Braxton, Anthony Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Breibach, Richard Hubris
Bromberg, David 6 The Best of 1986 Columbia Records PC-34467 wlp/t&ts
Bromberg, David 10 David Bromberg 197? Columbia t&ts/wlp
Brooks, Albert A Star Is Bought 1975 Asylum wlp/ins/die
Brooks, Mel 6 High Anxiety and Other Soundtracks 1978 Asylum 5E-501 cut
Brown, Bobby King of Stage 1986 MCA 5827 sealed
Brown, James 3 Good, Good Twistin' 1961 King 780 Mono/no cvr
Brown, James 3 Try Me 195? King 635 no cvr/Mono
Brown, James 20 Live at the Apollo 1986 Polygram in shrink
Brown, Jim Ed It's That Time of Night 1974 RCA APD1-0572 cut/quad
Brown, Marion Porto Novo
Brown, Marion Duets
Browne, Jackson 3 Running On Empty
Browne, Jackson 20 Saturate Before Using 1972 Asylum SD-5051
Browne, Jackson Saturate Before Using 1972 Asylum SD-5051 wlp/sm splt/textured cvr
Brubeck, Dave 10 Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals 1954 Fantasy 3-3 10"/Mono/red vinyl/sm splt/woc
Brubeck, Dave Jazz at Oberlin 1955 Fantasy 3245 Mono/sm splt
Brubeck, Dave Jazz: Red, Hot & Cool 1958 Columbia CL-699 Mono
Brubeck, Dave Time Out 1961 Columbia CS-8192 sm splt
Brubeck, Dave The Fantasy Years 1975 Atlantic SD-2-317 2LP/mono
Brubeck, Dave Countdown-Time In Outer Space 196? Columbia CS-8575
Bruce, Lenny Berkeley Concert 2LP
Bryant, Ray Here's Ray Bryant
Bryant, Ray MCMLXX 1970 Atlantic SD-1564 srw/tobc
Buchanan, Roy You're Not Alone
Buckinghams, The Kind of a Drag 1966 USA 1672 damaged corner
Buckner & Garcia "Pac-Man Fever" (club mix/instrumental) 1981 Columbia 44-02762 12"/sgl
Buffalo Springfield 6 Last Time Around 1969 Atco SD-33-256 srw
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again 1968 Atco SD-33-226
Buffalo Springfield Retrospective 1969 Atco SD-33-283
Burton, Gary 20 Duster 1967 RCA LSP-3835 in shrink
Burton, Gary Alone At Last 1971 Atlantic SD-1598 wlp/sm splt/toc/wol
Burton, Gary and Steve Swallow Hotel Hello 1975 ECM-1-1055 pr/woc
Busta Rhymes 6 "'Ill Vibe'" 1996 Elektra 12"/wlp
Butler, Jerry 25 Folk Songs 1964 Vee Jay LP-1057 ss/Mono
Butler, Jonathan Jonathan Butler 1987 RCA/Jive 1032-I-J 2LP
Butterfield, Paul 6 Keep On Moving
Butterfield, Paul East-West 1966 Elektra EKL-315 Mono
Byard, Jaki, Trio 10 Foolin' Myself 1989 Soul Note 121-125 ss
Byrd, Charlie Sketches of Brazil: Music of Villa-Lobos 1966 Columbia CS-9582 t&ts
Byrd, Donald 20 Blue Breakbeats 1998 Blue Note B1-7-2434-947081-4
Byrds, The 3 5D (Fifth Dimension) 1967 Columbia CL-2549 Mono/srw
Byrds, The 6 Mr. Tambourine Man 1965 Columbia CL-2372 Mono/srw
Byrds, The 6 Turn! Turn! Turn! 1965 Columbia CL-2454 Mono
Byrds, The 6 The Notorious Byrd Brothers 1970 Columbia CS-9575
Byrds, The 6 (Untitled) 1971 Columbia G-30127 2LP
Byrds, The Byrds 1973 Asylum SD-5058
Byrds, The Byrdmaniax 1971 Columbia KC-30640 toc
C+C Music Factory 6 Gonna Make You Sweat 12"/sgl
Cactus 6 Restrictions 1971 Atco SD-33-377
Cale, John & Terry Riley 50 Church of Anthrax 2000 Columbia C-30131 ss
Camp, Hamilton 6 Welcome To 1968 Warner Bros. WS-1753 wlp/saw/wobc
Campbell, James Dance Preludes Crystal Records ss
Campbell, John After Hours
Canned Heat Boogie With Canned Heat 1968 Liberty LST-7541 sm splt
Captain Beefheart The Legendary A&M Sessions 1984 A&M SP-12510 Mono
Carbo, Gladys Street Cries 1990 Soul Note 121-197 ss
Carey, Mariah Fantasy 12"/sgl/2LP
Carlin, George 3 Class Clown 1972 Little David LD-1004
Carlos, Walter 6 Swithced-On Bach 1968 Columbia MS-7194 Masterworks/shrink
Carlos, Walter Well-Tempered Synthesizer 1969 CBS S-63656 UK
Carlos, Walter Swithced-On Bach 1968 CBS S-63501 toc/UK
Carlos, Walter By Request 1975 Columbia M-32088 pr/t&ts/saw/wobc
Carmen, Eric Boats Against the Current 1977 Arista AB4124 ss/cut
Carpenters, The 3 Carpenters
Carpenters, The 3 Singles: 1969-73 1973 A&M SP-3601 bk/srw
Carpenters, The 3 Close To You 1970 A&M SP-4271
Carpenters, The 6 Ticket to Ride
Carpenters, The 6 Horizon 1975 A&M quad
Carpenters, The 6 Ticket To Ride 1972 A&M 86-126-IT German/toc/srw
Carpenters, The 6 A Christmas Portrait 1978 A&M SP-4726
Carpenters, The Voice of the Heart 1983 A&M SP-4954 in shrink
Carpenters, The Live at the Palladium 1976 A&M AMLS-68403 UK
Carroll, Jim Jim Carroll 1971 A&M SP-4323 wlp/cut
Carter Piano Concerto (Leinsdorf-BSO) 1968 RCA Red Seal LSC
Carter, Betty Betty Carter Vinyl Me, Please
Carter, Clarence In Person 1981 Venture ??? ss/shrink is worn
Cash, Johnny 20 The Holy Land 1971 Columbia KCS-9726 ss/holograph cover
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin 1969 Columbia CS-9827 srw/360
Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison 1969 Columbia CS-9827 360/in shrink
Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison 1969 Columbia CS-9827 360/in shrink
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin 1969 Columbia CS-9827 360/in shrink
Cash, Roseanne King's Record Shop
Central Nervous System I Could Have Danced All Night 1968 Music Factory MFS-12003 Mono/wlp/woc
Channels, The Best of, Vol. 2 1981 Lost-Nite LLP16 Mono/10"/ss/red vinyl
Chapman, Michael 25 Fully Qualified Survivor pr
Charles, Ray The Genius of 1959 Atlantic 1312 Mono
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country and Western Vol. 2
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country and Western
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country and Western, Vol. 2 1965 ABC S-435 Mono/sm splt
Charles, Ray Genius After Hours 1961 Atlantic 1369 Mono
Charles, Teddy Quartet 10 Live At the Verona Jazz Festival, 1988 1989 Soul Note 121-183 ss
Chase 3 Chase 1971 Epic E-30472
Chatmon, Sam 30 Mississippi Sheik 197? Blue Goose pr
Cheech & Chong 3 Big Bambu Ode
Cheech & Chong 3 Cheech & Chong 1971 Ode SP-77010 sm splt
Cheech & Chong 3 Los Cochinos 1973 Ode SP-77019 sm splt
Cher 6 Cher
Chic Risque 1979 Atlantic SD-16003
Chicago 3 Chicago IX
Chicago 6 Chicago XIX
Chicago [Transit Authority] Chicago Transit Authority 1968 Columbia GP-8 2LP/srw/360
Chicago [Transit Authority] Chicago Transit Authority 1970 Columbia GP-8 2LP
Chicago [Transit Authority] Chicago Transit Authority 1970 Columbia GP-8 2LP
Chicago All-Stars Modular Recordings 1989 Modular Records 001 sm splt
Chieftains, The Chiefains 1
Chill Cold Fresh Groove 1989 Orpheus in shrink
Chimes, The The Chimes 1990 Columbia C-46008 ss
Chipmunks, The 3 The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles 1964 Liberty LRP-3388 Mono
Christie, Lou Lightning Strikes 1966 MGM SE-4360 sm splt
Clapton, Eric 6 461 Ocean Blvd. 1974 RSO Deluxe UK
Clapton, Eric 6 History of Eric Clapton 1972 Atco SD-2-803 2LP
Clapton, Eric 6 Slowhand 1977 RSO RS-1-3030
Clapton, Eric There's On In Every Crowd
Clapton, Eric Slowhand 1977
Clark, Petula 3 Greatest Hits
Clark, Roy Family & Friends 1974 ABC Dot DOSD-2005 cut
Clarke, Stanley 6 Journey To Love
Clarke, Stanley School Days 1976 Nemporer
Clash, The 10 Combat Rock 1982 Epic FE-37689
Clash, The 20 Sandinista! 3LP
Clearlight Symphony 6 Clearlight Symphony 1975 Virgin UK/no cvr
Clements, Vassar 6 Crossing the Catskills
Clinton, George The Best of George Clinton 198? Funk Record Co. FRC101 12"/EP/pl cvr
Clinton, George w/Dazz Band 6 'Ain't Nuthin' But a Jam Y'all' 1997 Intersound 9284 12" sgl/wlp
Clinton, George w/Dazz Band 'Ain't Nuthin' But a Jam Y'all' 1997 Intersound 9284 12" sgl/wlp
Cocker, Joe 6 With a Little Help From My Friends 1969 A&M SP-4182
Cocker, Joe Mad Dogs & Englishmen 1970 A&M SP-6002 2LP/fold-open cvr
Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker! 1969 A&M SP-4224 rw
Cohen, Leonard Songs of Leonard Cohen in shrink
Coko Hot Coko 1999 RCA ss/2LP
Cole, Nat "King" 10 Unforgettable Golden Treasury 1969 Longines SYS5155-60 6LP/box/ins
Cole, Nat "King" Sings For Two In Love 195? Capitol T-420 pr/Mono
Cole, Natalie Thankful 1979 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-032 1/2-sp/ins
Collette, Buddy Quintet Flute Talk 1989 Soul Note 121-165 ss
Collins, Albert 25 Cold Snap 1981 Alligator pr/inserts/in shrink
Collins, Judy Maid Of Constant Sorrow Mono
Collins, Judy Whales and Nightingales 1970 Elektra EKS-75010 wlp/woc/wol/toc
Collins, Judy Judith 1975 Elektra EQ-1032 Quad
Collins, Phil & Phillip Bailey 3 'Easy Lover'/'Woman' 1984 Columbia 44-05160 12"/sgl
Colmanaires of Washington DC Colmanaires of Washington DC
Color Me Badd 3 "I Wanna Sex You Up"
Color Me Badd "I Adore Mi Amore" 1991 Giant 0-40154 12"/sgl
Coltrane, John 20 A Love Supreme ABC/Impulse A-77
Coltrane, John Coltrane Plays the Blues 196? Atlantic 1382 Mono
Coltrane, John Countdown 198? Atlantic Jazzlore 7-90462-1-Y pr/woc
Coltrane, John & Hank Mobley Blowin' Sessions
Come String 1995 Matador OLE 126-1 10"/pr/ins
Commodores, The Commodores 1977 Motown M7-864R1
Commodores, The Brick House' (Disco Version) 1977 Motown M-00007D1 sm splt
Commodores, The Natural High 1978 Motown M7-902R1 ss/saw
Commodores, The Night Shift 1985 Motown 6124ML ss
Como, Perry 3 Perry Como's Golden Records RCA
Confront James 6 Just Do It 1994 SST 309 cut
Con-Funk-Shun Candy 1979 Mercury SRM-1-3754
Conniff, Ray 3 S Wonderful [Good Morning Vietnam] Columbia
Conniff, Ray Alone Again (Naturally) 1972 Columbia CQ-31629 Quad (SQ)/sm splt
Connor, Chris 3 I Love You So Atlantic
Conte, Pat Folk Music of the United States 2012 Jalopy red vinyl/in shrink
Contours, The 20 Do You Love Me? 2000 Gordy 901 Mono
Cooder, Ry 6 Chicken Skin Music 1976 Reprise MS-2254 pr
Coolidge, Rita Greatest Hits
Cooper, Alice 3 School's Out
Cooper, Alice Billion Dollar Babies Warner Bros. fold-open cvr
Cooper, Alice Greatest Hits 1974 Warner Bros. BSK-3107
Cooper, Pat 3 Our Hero 1964 United Artists UAL-3446 Mono
Corea, Chick Inner Space
Corea, Chick Friends 197? Polydor
Corea, Chick and Return to Forever 3 Light as a Feather Polydor no cvr
Coryell, Larry Standing Ovation
Costa, Don Modern Delights 1969 Verve V6-8702
Costello, Elvis Punch the Clock 1984 Columbia
Costello, Elvis & the Attractions 6 Armed Forces 1979 Columbia JC-35709
Costello, Elvis & the Attractions Imperial Bedroom 1982 Columbia FC-38157 srw
Country Gazette Don't Give Up Your Day Job 1973 United Artists UA-LA90-F
Cowell, Stanley Blues for the Viet Cong
Cowell, Stanley Brilliant Circles
Crawford, Hank 3 Hank Crawford's Back CTI
Crawford, Randy Raw Silk in shrink
Cray, Robert 6 Strong Persuader 1986 Mercury 830 568 in shrink
Cream 3 Best of
Cream Fresh Cream Mono/wlp
Cream Disraeli Gears 1968 Atco 33-232 Mono/sm splt
Creedence Clearwater Revival 6 Bayou Country
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country 1968 Fantasy FANT-8387 sm splt
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 1969 Fantasy FANT-8393
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Gold 1972 Fantasy in shrink
Critchlow, Slim Cowboy Songs 1968 Arhoolie 5007
Croce, Jim 3 Life & Times 1973 ABC ABCX-769
Croce, Jim 6 Photographs & Memories 1974 ABC ABCD-835 in shrink
Crosby & Nash 3 Crosby & Nash
Crosby & Nash 3 Crosby & Nash 1971 Atlantic
Crosby & Nash 3 Live 1976 ABC
Crosby & Nash 3 Wind On the Water
Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name 1971 Atlantic SD-7203
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Crosby & Nash 1971 Atlantic SD-7220
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Live 1977 ABC AA-1042
Crosby, Stills, & Nash 6 CSN 1977 Atlantic SD-19104 srw
Crosby, Stills, & Nash 6 Daylight Again 1982 Atlantic SD-19360
Crosby, Stills, & Nash Crosby, Stills, & Nash 1968 Atlantic SD-8229 ins
Crosby, Stills, & Nash Allies 1983 Atlantic 80075-1
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young déjà vu
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young American Dream
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Four Way Street 1971 Atlantic SD-2-902 2LP/ins
Crowns, The And From These Roots 1977 ABC SB-270 ss
Crumb, R. and His Cheap Suit Serenaders R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders
Crusaders, The 3 Crusaders 1 1972 2LP
Crusaders, The 3 Scratch 1974 Blue Thumb wol
Crusaders, The Chain Reaction 1979 Mobile Fidelty MFSL-1-010 1/2-sp
Crusaders, The Free As the Wind
CTI All-Stars 6 CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Vol. 1 1977 CTI 7076
CTI All-Stars 6 CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Vol. 2 1977 CTI 7077
Culture Club Colour By Numbers
Culture Club Colour By Numbers 1983 Virgin V-2285-205-730 British
Cuneta, Jenn "Come Rain, Come Shine" 2005 Ultra B000A2XCKS 12"/sgl/ss/McCartney
Cure "Never Enough" 12"
Cure, The Never Enough / Harold & Joe / Let's Go to Bed 1990 Elektra ED-5489 12"/sgl/pr
Cure, The Hot! Hot! Hot!
Curson, Ted Tears for Dolphy
Cuts, The Organz 2004 (no number) green vinyl
Cypress Hill 10 Till Death Do Us Part 2004 Columbia C2-90781 2LP
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 1993 Columbia C2-53931 2LP/cut
Da Costa, Paulina Agora
da Krash da Krash
Daily, Pete, and His Chicagoans Dixie By Daily 195? Capitol H-385 10"/mono
Dameans, The Beginning Today
Daniels, Charlie Way Down Yonder Kama Sutra
Daniels, Charlie, Band, The Everything You Always Wanted to Hear… 1976 Epic AS-273 wlp/sm splt
Darrell, Johnny Water Glass Full of Whiskey 1976 Capricorn CP-0154 ss/cut
David J 6 Etiquette of Violence 1983 Situation Two UK
Davis, Miles 15 Live Evil
Davis, Miles 35 Columbia Years 1955-1985 1985 Columbia 4LP/box/bk
Davis, Miles 375 Kind of Blue 2003 Classic/Columbia CS-8163 ss/4LP/45rpm
Davis, Miles Bitches Brew Columbia 2LP
Davis, Sammy 3 On Broadway Reprise
Day, Morris 6 Color of Success in shrink
Day, Morris 20 Daydreaming 1987 Warner Bros. 9-25651-1 ss/cut/Prince
Dayne, Taylor 6 Tell It To My Heart
Deadly Earnest & the Honky Tonk Heroes Dance to the Modern Sound of… 1982 Wheeler WRC-82
Deep Purple 6 Greatest Hits 1984 Warner Bros.
Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple 1968 Tetragrammaton T-102
Deep Purple Fireball 1970 Warner Bros. BS-2564 ins
Deep Purple Machine Head 1980 Warner Bros.
Def Leppard Pyromania 1983 Vertigo 6359-119 German
Delaney & Bonnie 3 Best of
Delaney & Bonnie 6 Motel Shot ins
Delaney & Bonnie 6 On Tour with Eric Clapton 1969 Atco SD-33-326 sm splt
Delaney & Bonnie To Bonnie From Delaney 1970 Atco SD 33-341
Delaney & Bonnie Best of
Deodato 3 Prelude 1972 CTI 6021 in shrink
Deodato 6 Prelude 1972 CTI 6021 in shrink
Deodato Deodato 2 1975 CTI 6029
Derek & the Dominos 60 Layla, and Other Assorted Love Songs 1982 Direct Disk 2LP/wtr
Derek & the Dominos Layla, and Other Assorted Love Songs 1970 Atco 2LP
Derek & the Dominos In Concert 1973 RSO 2LP
Destiny's Child 6 'Emotion' 2001 Columbia 44X-79672 12"sgl/2LP
Detective 3 It Takes One to Know One 1977 Swan Song SS-8504
Detective 3 Detective 1978 Swan Song
Detective 6 It Takes One to Know One 1977 Swan Song SS-8504 ss/cut
Di Meola, Al Cielo e Terra
Diamond, Neil 6 On the Way to the Sky ss
Diamond, Neil 6 Just For You 1967 Bang BLPS-217
Diamond, Neil Hot August Night 1979 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-2-024 1/2sp/2LP/ins/sm splt
Diamond, Neil Early Classics Frog King
Diamond, Neil Velvet Gloves and Spit 1970 Uni/MCA
Diamond, Neil Greatest Hits 196? Bang BLPS-219
Diamond, Neil Hot August Night 1973 MCA 2-8000 2LP/fold-open cvr/in shrink
Diamond, Neil His 12 Greatest Hits 1973 MCA 2106 in shrink
Diamond, Neil Beautiful Noise 1976 Columbia PC-33965 ss
Diamond, Neil 12 Greatest Hits, Vol. II 1982 Columbia TC-38068 in shrink
Diamond, Neil Gold 1970 MCA 2007 srw
Diamonds, The America's Famous Song Stylists Mono
Dickens, Little Jimmy Greatest Hits
Dion and the Belmonts Presenting
Dire Straits Dire Straits 1979 Vertigo RJ-7541 Japanese/obi
Dixie Dregs, The "Punk Sandwich"/"Night of the Living Dregs" 1979 Capricorn CPD-0005 red vinyl/12"/sgl/pr
Doggett, Bill 3,046 People Danced 'til 4 A.M. to Bill Doggett 195? Warner Bros. German
Domino, Fats 10 A Lot of Dominos 1960 Imperial auto
Domino, Fats Very Best of
Doobie Brothers, The 6 Takin' It to the Streets Warner Bros. in shrink
Doobie Brothers, The 15 Toulouse Street 1972 Warner Bros. BS-2634 in shrink
Doobie Brothers, The Listen to the Music' 1994 Warner Bros. W-0228 12"/sgl/UK
Doobie Brothers, The The Captain and Me 1973 Warner Bros. BS-2694
Doobie Brothers, The Minute By Minute 1978 Warner Bros. BSK-3193 in shrink
Doors, The Infinite 2012 6LP box/book/all disks sealed except "LA Woman"
Dr. Dre The Chronic 2001 Death Row DRR 63000-1 2LP/180g/ins
Dr. Seuss 6 Bartholomew and Oobleck/Yertle the Turtle
Drake, Nick 210 Fruit Tree
Dreams High Country 1972 Reprise BS-2608 no cvr/wlp
Drew, Kenny and Pedersen 10 Duo Live in Concert 1976 Inner City 2031 in shrink/cut
Dudziak, Urszula Midnight Rain
Dudziak, Urszula Urszula
Duke, George I Love the Blues
Duran, Elena 3 Bolling-California Suite RCA
Dylan, Bob 3 Highway 61 Revisited 1965 Columbia CL-2389 no cvr/Mono
Dylan, Bob 6 New Morning 1970 Columbia KC-30290
Dylan, Bob 6 Bringing It All Back Home 1965 Columbia CS-9128 sm splt/rw
Dylan, Bob 50 Blonde on Blonde 1966 wlp/Mono/2LP w/female photos... MATRIX: XLP113761-2F/XLP113762-3E/XLP113763-4B/XLP113764-2B
Dylan, Bob Self Portrait 1971 Columbia C2X-30050 2LP
Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits 1967 Columbia sm splt/rw
Dylan, Bob New Morning
Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits 1967 Columbia KCS-9463 post/360/in shrink
Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding 1968 Columbia KCS-9604 srw
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline 1969 Columbia KCS-9825 360 sound label
Dylan, Bob Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973 Columbia KC-32460
Dylan, Bob Slow Train Coming 1978 Columbia FC-36120
Dylan, Bob Biograph 1985 Columbia C5X-38830 5LP/bk/box
Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home Mono
Dylan, Bob & The Band 35 Blind Boy Grunt & the Hawks, Vol. 1 197? Surprise BD-1967 2LP/boot
Dylan, Bob & The Band Planet Waves 1973 Asylum EQ-1003 Quad
Dylan, Bob & The Band Before the Flood 1974 Asylum AB-201 2LP
Dylan, Bob & The Band The Basement Tapes 1975 Columbia C2-33682 2LP
Eagles, The 3 The Eagles 1977 Asylum SD-5054
Eagles, The 3 On the Border 1974 Elektra 7E-1004
Eagles, The 3 The Long Run 1979 Asylum 5E-508
Eagles, The 20 One of These Nights 1975 Asylum 7E-1039 in shrink/hype stkr
Eagles, The 30 Hotel California 1976 Asylum 7E-1081 in shrink
Eagles, The On the Border in shrink
Earland, Charles 6 Black Talk!
Earland, Charles 6 Leaving This Planet (w/Freddie Hubbard) 1974 Prestige 2LP
Earland, Charles Third Degree Burn 1989 Milestone
Earland, Charles Third Degree Burn 1989 Milestone in shrink
Earland, Charles Living Black 1971 Prestige PR-10009
Earth Quake Two Years In a Padded Cell 1979 Beserkley BZ-10065
Earth, Wind & Fire 3 Gratitude 1975 Columbia PG-33694 2LP/wtr
Earth, Wind & Fire "Boogie Wonderland"/"Serpentine Fire" 1987 Columbia 44H-07833 12"/sgl
East Bay City Jazz Band 6 Perfectly Clear 1996 Celia BL-2A
Edwards, Jonathan Jonathan Edwards 1971 Capricorn SD-862 pr
Eggleston, Cozy Grand Slam 197? Co-Egg CE-3548 no cvr
El Gordo's Revenge 6 Action Packed! 2001 Normal NR-001 10"
Electric Light Orchestra 3 Face the Music 1975 United Artists UA-LA-546-G
Elephant's Memory Elephant's Memory 1972 Apple SW-3389 srw
Elgar Severn Suite (Groves-Liverpool) 1970 EMI/Odeon British
Elgar Starlight Express (Handley-London Phil.) 1976 EMI 2LP/British/ins
Elgart, Les 3 The Great Sound of Les Elgart Columbia CS-8159
Ellington, Duke The Ellington Suites 1976 Pablo 2310-762 pr
Ellis, Don 6 Tears of Joy 1971 Columbia 2LP
Ellis, Don 6 At Fillmore 1971 Columbia G-30243 2LP/srw
Ellis, Don Electric Bath Columbia
Ellis, Don At Fillmore 1971 Columbia G-30243 2LP/srw
Ellis, Don Connection 1972 Columbia
Ellis, Don At Fillmore 1971 CBS 66261 2LP/British/toc
Ellis, Don, Orchestra 3 Shock Treatment 1969 Columbia CS-9668 wtr
Ellis, Don, Orchestra Electric Bath 1967 Columbia CL-2785 Mono/sm splt/t&ts
Ellis, Don, Orchestra Goes Underground 1972 Columbia CS-9889 ss
Ellis, Don, Orchestra Autumn 1970 Columbia CS-9721 ss
Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3 Best of pr/t&ts
Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3 Trilogy 1971 Cotillion SD-9903
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Love Beach 1978 Atlantic SD-19211 t&ts/pr
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition Island UK
En Vogue Don't Let Go (Love) 1996 EastWest ED-5892 12"/sgl/wobc
Erwin, Peewee New York Dixieland 195? Jazztone Mono
Eschenbach, Christoph Mozart: Klavier Konzerte 1978 Odeon 1C-065-03 341 woc/toc
Eurythmics 6 Here Comes the Rain Again' Discotech Remix b/w Men At Work, Who Can It Be Now
Evans, Bill 20 Symbiosis in shrink
Evans, Bill 20 Symbiosis
Evans, Bill Since We Met 1976 Fantasy F-9501 srw/cut
Evans, Bill Quintessence
Evans, Gil, Orchestra Tribute to Gil 1989 Soul Note 121-209 ss
Evensong The Amazing Blondel 1973 Island SMAS-9302
Everly Brothers 6 Golden Hits
Faces, The Coast to coast
Fagen, Donald The Nightfly 1982 Warner Bros. 9-23696-1
Fairport Convention Gladys' Leap 1985 Arista
Faithfull, Marianne Faithfull Forever
Faithfull, Marianne 6 Strange Weather 1987 Island 7-90613-1 pr/hype stkr
Fall-outs, The 10 The Fall-outs 1992 Sub Pop/Super Electro 02
Fargo, Donna The Happiest Girl In the USA 1972 Dot DOS-26000 in shirnk
Farmer, Art 6 Art Farmer, Ph.D Contemporary
Fat Boys 3 Wipeout
Fat Boys Big & Beautiful
Ferguson, Maynard Interchords 1982 Columbia AS-1459 pr
Ferguson, Maynard M.F. Horn 4 / Live at Jimmy's 1974 Columbia AL-32733 2LP/sm splt
Ferrante & Teicher Soundproof! 1956 Westminster WP-6014 Mono
Ferrante & Teicher Soundblast! 1957 Westminster WP-6041 Mono/sm splt
Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops 3 Pops Goes Latin 1964
Fiedler, Arthur & the Boston Pops The Digital Fiedler 1980 Ultragroove UG-7003 dbx encoded
Finch Glory of the Inner Force
Firefall Firefall 1976 Atlantic SD-18174 pr/sm splt/toc
Fischer, Clare, Big Band, The Thesaurus 1969 Atlantic SD-1520 srw
Fitzgerald, Ella 15 Christmas Album 196? Capitol pr
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella 1969 Reprise MS-6354
Fitzgerald, Ella Sings the Gershwin Song Book Vol. 1 196? Verve MGVS-7000
Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong Porgy & Bess
Fitzroy, Edi Youthman Penitentiary Alligator
Flack, Roberta Killing Me Softly 1973 Atlantic QD-7271 Quad
Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway 1972 Atlantic SD-7216
Flanagan, Tommy Thelonica 1983 Enja 4052 cut
Flatley, Michael And Then Came Flatley 198? (no number) rw
Fleck, Bela 6 Crossing the Tracks 1977 Rounder sm splt/pr
Fleetwood Mac 3 Kiln House Reprise
Fleetwood Mac 6 Then Play On 1969 Reprise first pressing w/o "Oh Well"
Fleetwood Mac 6 Fleetwood Mac 1978 Reprise MSK-2281
Fleetwood Mac 20 Then Play On 1969 Reprise w/"Oh Well"
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977 Warner Bros. BSK-3010
Fleetwood Mac Mirage 1982 Warner Bros. 9-23067-1
Focus Moving Waves 1980 Sire SAS-7401 srw
Focus Focus 3 1972 Sire SAS-3901 2LP/die cut cvr
Fogerty, John 6 Centerfield 1985 Warner Bros. 9-25203-1 in shrink
Fogerty, John Vanz Kant Danz 1985 Warner Bros. PRO-A-2362 wlp/12"
Fogerty, Tom 6 Precious Gems 1984 Fantasy F-9637 pr
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters 1995 Capitol C1-7243-8-34027-1-7
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Hymns 195? Capitol T-756 pr/Mono
Ford, Tennessee Ernie This Lusty Land 195? Capitol T-700 pr/Mono
Four Seasons 3 Golden Hits Vee Jay
Four Seasons 6 Edizione D'Oro 2LP
Four Seasons Edizione D'Oro 2LP/ins
Four Tops, The 3 Main Street People 1973 DSX-50144
Four Tops, The Greatest Hits 1967 Motown MS-662 in shrink
Foxy Brown 10 Broken Silence 2001 Def Jam DEFF-15344 2LP/pr
Foxy Brown 10 Broken Silence 2001 2LP 2LP/pr
Franklin, Aretha 3 I Never Loved a Man
Franklin, Aretha Let Me In Your Life 1974 Atlantic SD-7292 pr/srw
Franklin, Aretha Aretha In Paris 1968 Atlantic SD-8207 srw
Franks, Michael Tiger In the Rain 1979 Warner Bros. BSK-3294 pr
Freddie & the Dreamers Do the Freddie 1965 Mercury MG-21026 sm splt/Mono
Free Heartbreaker
Freeman, Chico You'll Know When You Get There 1989 Black Saint 120-128 ss
Friends of Distinction Greatest Hits 1972 RCA APD1-0276 Quad
Frijid Pink Frijid Pink 1969 Parrot PAS-71033 sm splt
Frye, David 3 Richard Nixon: A Fantasy 1973 Buddah 1600
Frye, David 3 Richard Nixon Superstar 1974 Buddah BDS-5097
Frye, David Radio Free Nixon 1971 Elektra EKS-74085 wlp/cut
Fugees Boof Baf 1993 Columbia/Ruffhouse 44-7149 cut/12"
Fulsom, Lowell 10 Now! 1969 Kent KST-531 srw
Funkadelic Maggot Brain 1971 Westbound WB-2007
Funky Poets Born In a Ghetto' 1993 Epic BAS-5423 12"/pr
Gabriel, Peter 6 Security 1982
Garfunkel, Art 6 Angel Clare 1973 Columbia QBL-31474 SQ/cut/woc
Garfunkel, Art Angel Clare 1973 Columbia KC-31474
Garland, Red The Quota
Garner, Errol Gemini 1972 London XPS-617
Garner, Erroll Soliloquy 1957 Columbia Mono/sm splt
Garrett, Amos 6 Go Cat Go
Gaye, Marvin What's Going On 1971 Motown
Gaye, Marvin What's Going On? 1971 Tamla TS-310 srw/sm  splt/ woc
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell Greatest Hits? 1981 Tamla T8-374 wlp
Genesis 6 A Trick of the Tail
Genesis Nursery Cryme 1972 Famous Charisma 1052
Genesis Rock Theatre 1973 Fontana 9299-515 German
Genesis Abacab 1981 Atlantic SD-19313
Gentle Giant The Missing Piece
George, Lowell 6 Thanks, I'll Eat It Here 1979 Warner Bros. BSK-3194
Gershwin Plays Rhapsody In Blue 1976 Columbia XM-34205 wlp/Quad/t&ts/sm splt
Gershwin American In Paris/Rhapsody In Blue (Slatkin-Hollywood Bowl Orch.) 1960 Capitol SP-8343 in shrink
Ghetto Boys Be Down 1988 woc/12"/sgl
Gilgamesh 10 Gilgamesh UK
Gillespie, Dizzy Montreux 1975 in shrink
Gillespie, Dizzy Bahiana
Gismonti, Egberto Danca Das Cabecas
Glass Harp 6 Glass Harp 1969 Decca DL-75261
Glass Harp 6 Synergy 1971 Decca DL-75306 srw
Gordon, Dexter Sophisticated Giant
Grandmaster Flash The Message 1981 Sugarhill SPLP-8010
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five "It's Nasty (Genius of Love)" 1981 Sugar Hill SH-569 12"/sgl
Grateful Dead, The 15 Anthem of the Sun 1969 Warner Bros. first issue/pr
Grateful Dead, The 20 Live/Dead
Grateful Dead, The 40 The Grateful Dead 1967 Warner Bros. W-1689 Mono
Gravity Wax 10 Acoustically Inert Dense Gravity Mechanism 1996 Silver Girl 031 10"
Gray Bunnies, The He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) / Cigarette' 1981 Clone Records CSX-015 ss/12"/sgl/die
Gray Bunnies, The He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) / "Cigarette" 1981 12"/sgl/ss Clone CSX-015
Great Speckled Bird Great Speckled Bird
Greaves, R.B. R.B. Greaves 1969 Atco SD-33-311 woc
Green, Al I Get Joy in shrink
Green, Grant 10 Final Comedown 1972 Blue Note
Green, Grant 20 Iron City! 1972 Cobblestone 9002
Green, Grant Blue Breakbeats 1998 Blue Note B1-7-2434-947051-4 in shrink
Greene, Mike Pale Pale Moon wlp
Greenslade Time and Tide wlp
Greezy Wheels Greezy Wheels pr
Griffes, Charles Poem For Flute and Orchestra 195? American Recording Society ARS-22 10"/Mono
Grolnick, Don Hearts and Numbers
Gross, Henry Release 1976 Lifesong LS-6002 ss
Grusin, Dave Discovered Again Sheffield Lab
Guaraldi, Vince Oh, Good Grief! 1968 Warner Bros. WS-1747 sm splt
Guns 'n Roses Appetite for Destruction 1987 Geffen GHS-24148 rec cl
Gustafsson, Rune Rune at the Top 1969 Atlantic SD-8234 wlp
Guthrie, Arlo Hobo's Lullaby 197? Reprise
Guthrie, Woody We Ain't Down Yet
Haley, Bill & the Comets Rock 'n Roll Revival 1970 Warner Bros. WS-1831
Hall & Oates 3 Out of Touch'/'Cold Dark and Yesterday' 1984 RCA PW-13917 12"/sgl
Hall & Oates 3 "Family Man"/"Maneater" 1982 RCA PD-13508 12"/sgl
Hall & Oates 3 'Method of Modern Love'/'Bank On Your Love' 1984 RCA PW-13971 12"/sgl
Hall & Oates Big Bam Booom 1984 RCA PL85309 UK
Hall & Oates I Don't Wanna Lose You'/'August Day' 1978 RCA JD-11431 12"/sgl/wlp
Hall & Oates Abandoned Luncheonette 1973 Atlantic SD-7269 srw/ins
Hall & Oates Rock 'N' Soul Part 1 1983 RCA CPL1-4858 ins
Hall and Oates Abandoned Luncheonette
Hall, Jim Live!
Hall, Jim Commitment 1976 A&M Horizon SP-715 pr/woc
Haller, Hank Festival Time 1972 Delta International D1-7021
Hambrick, John Windmill In a Jet-Filled Sky 1972
Hamilton, Chico Catwalk
Hammond, Johnny Breakout 1971 Kudu German
Hancock, Herbie Man Child 1973 Columbia PC-33812
Hancock, Herbie Mega-Mix 1984
Hancock, Herbie Headhunters 1973 Columbia KC-32731
Hancock, Herbie Fat Albert Rotunda 1969 Warner Bros. WS-1834 wol
Handel 3 Coronation Anthmes (English Chamber Orchestra) 197? EMI UK
Handy, John 6 Recorded at Monterey Jazz Festival 1970 Columbia CS-9262
Hansson, Bo Magician's Hat 1973 Charisma FC-6062
Harper, Roy 6 1970-75 pr
Harris, Eddie 6 Excursions 1973 Atlantic SD-2-311 2LP
Harris, Eddie The Electrifying Eddie Harris 1968 Atlantic SD-1495 sm splt
Harris, Eddie Come On Down! 1970 Atlantic SD-1554
Harris, Eddie Exodus to Jazz 1961 Vee Jay LP-3016 "stereo" sticker on lbl
Harris, Eddie Mighty Like a Rose 1962 Vee Jay 3025 Mono/sm splt
Harris, Sugar Cane Cup Full of Dreams 1973 BASF MB-21792 srw
Harris, Sugar Cane Got the Blues
Harrison, George 10 Somewhere In England 1981 Dark Horse DHK-3492 sealed
Harrison, George Somewhere In Utopia 1988 LOKA WX-124 2LP/boot
Harrison, George Wonderwall Music 1969 Apple ST-3350 ins
Harrison, George All Things Must Pass 1970 Apple STCH-639 3LP box/post
Harrison, George Concert For Bangladesh 1972 Apple STCX-3385 3LP/bk/sm splt
Harrison, George Living In the Material World 1973 Apple SMAS-3410 ins
Harrison, George Dark Horse 1974 Apple SMAS-3418
Harrison, George 33 1/3 1976 Dark Horse DH-3005
Harrison, George George Harrison 1979 Dark Horse DHK-3255
Harrison, George Gone Troppo 1982 Dark Horse 1-23734
Harrison, George "Wake Up My Love" 1982 Dark Horse PRO-A-1075 12"/pr
Harrison, George "Got My Mind Set On You" 1987 Dark Horse PRO-A-2845 12"/pr
Harrison, George Extra Texture 1975 Apple SMAS-3420 die cvr
Harrison, Jerry 3 Man With a Gun' 1988 Sire PRO-A-3165 12"/sgl/pr
Harrison, Jerry 3 Rev It Up'/'Bobby' 1988 Sire 0-20897 12"/sgl/wol
Harrison, Jerry 6 Walk On Water 1990
Harrison, Wilbert 30 Let's Work Together 1969 Sue SSLP-8801 ss
Hartman, Dan 3 I Can Dream About You
Hawes, Hampton Live at Monmarte
Hawkins, Coleman 3 Soul Prestige
Hayes, Isaac Isaac Hayes Movement
Haywood, Leon Don't Force It 12" sgl
Hazlewood, Lee and Nancy Sinatra Nancy & Lee 1968 Reprise RS-6273 sm splt
Heavy D and the Boyz 6 Is It Good To You 12"/sgl
Heavy Metal Kids Heavy Metal Kids 1974 Atco
Hedges, Michael 6 Watching My Life Go By
Hefti, Neal A Salute to the Instruments 195? Coral CRL-57286 wlp/Mono
Helm, The 6 Home 2009 Hex
Helm, The 6 Home 2009 Hex
Henderson, Eddie Comin' Through
Hendrix, Jimi 6 In Concert
Hendrix, Jimi 6 Two Great Experiences: Together with Lonnie Youngblood
Hendrix, Jimi 6 Smash Hits 1969 Reprise MS-2025 no cvr
Hendrix, Jimi 6 Smash Hits 1969 Reprise
Hendrix, Jimi 6 Crash Landing
Hendrix, Jimi 6 In the Beginning
Hendrix, Jimi 10 Electric Ladyland Vol. 2 197? Polydor UK
Hendrix, Jimi In the Beginning
Hendrix, Jimi Cry of Love 1971 Reprise MS-2034 sm splt
Hendrix, Jimi Band of Gypsys Capitol
Hendrix, Jimi Electric Ladyland 1968 2LP/rw Reprise
Hendrix, Jimi Are You Experienced? 1967 Reprise RS-6261 no cvr
Hensley, Ken Proud Words On a Dusty Shelf
Hiatt, John Say It With Flowers 1983 Geffen PRO-A-2098 wlp/12"/sgl
Hill, Andrew 20 One For One
Hill, Andrew Live at Montreux
Hill, Andrew Spiral
Hines, Earl "Fatha" The Grand Terrace Band 1979 Camden/Pickwick
Hirt, Al 3 Music To Watch Girls By 1967 RCA LSP-3773
Hittman, Jeff/Yoshitaka Uematsu Mosaic 1988 Soul Note 121-137
Hollies, The 6 Greatest Hits 197? Columbia in shrink
Hollies, The Greatest Hits 196? Mono/sm splt
Holly, Buddy The Buddy Holly Story 1959 Coral CRL-57279 Mono/srw
Holly, Buddy The Buddy Holly Story 1959 Coral CRL-57279 Mono/srw
Hollydridge Strings, The 3 The Beatles Songbook 1964 Capitol ST-2116
Hollydridge Strings, The 3 Beatles Song Book Vol. 2 1964 Capitol ST-2202 wobc
Holmes, Richard "Groove" 6 That Healin' Feelin' 1969 Prestige PRST-7601 srw
Holmes, Richard "Groove" Soul Message 1965 Prestige PRST-7435
Holy Modal Rounders The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders
Homer and Jethro It Ain't Necessarily Square Mono/pr
Hopkin, Mary Postcard 1971 Apple SW-3351
Hopkin, Mary Earth Song/Ocean Song 1972 Apple SW-3381 ss/cc
Hopkins, Lightnin' Lightnin'
Horn, Jim 10 Jim's Horns 1973 Shelter ss
Horn, Paul 3 Inside
Horn, Paul In India
Horne, Lena The Lady and Her Music 1981 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-2-094 1/2sp/ins/sm splt
Hot Tuna Double Dose 2LP
Houston, Thelma & Pressure Cooker I've Got the Music In Me 1975 Sheffield Lab 2 D2D
Houston, Whitney 6 "'My Love Is Your Love" double 12" 1999 Arista ARPD-3715 12"/2LP
Houston, Whitney 10 Whitney Houston 1985 Arista AL8-8212
Howard, James Newton & Friends James Newton Howard & Friends 1983 Sheffield Lab 23 D2D
Hubbard, Freddie High Voltage
Hues Corporation, The Love Corporation 1975 RCA APD1-0938 Quad
Humperdinck Hansel & Gretel (Karajan) 1962 Odeon 33CX-1819 UK/Mono
Humperdinck, Engelbert Release Me 1967 London XPAS-71012 ss
Humphrey, Percy Featuring Sweet Emma 1974 Smoky Mary SM-1974P ss
Hunter, Ian Ian Hunter
Hutcherson, Bobby 3 Happenings 196? Blue Note BST-84231 sm splt/rw
Hutcherson, Bobby 10 Ambos Mundos Landmark pr
Hutcherson, Bobby Linger Lane
Ice-T Colors' 1987 12"/sgl
Impact Impact 1976 Atco cut
Impact of Brass, The Down At Brass Works 1971 Rare Earth HS-1894 pr
Incredible String Band, The No Ruinous Feud 1973 Reprise MS-2139 wlp/woc/cut/toc/wol
Infamous Mobb Deep, The 6 "U.S.A. (Aiight Then)" 2000 Loud 12"
Ini Kamoze "Here Comes the Hoist" 1984 Columbia 12"/sm splt
Instant Funk Instant Funk in shrink
Inxs 6 The Swing
INXS Listen Like Thieves
Iron Butterfly, The 20 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 1968 Atco SD-33-250
Isham, Mark Vapor Drawings
Isley Brothers, The 3 "It's a Disco Night" 1979 12"/sgl/die
I-Tal Crucial Reggae & Rubadub 1981 Ites 1001
J. Geils Band, The 3 The Morning After
J. Geils Band, The Full House 1972 Atlantic SD-7241
J. Geils Band, The Bloodshot 1973 Atlantic SD-7260 clr red vinyl
Jackson 5, The Greatest Hits 1971 Motown M-741L w/custom innersleeve
Jackson, Janet 10 Control 1986 A&M SP-3905
Jackson, Jermaine 3 "Very Special Part" 1982 Motown PR-108 12"/wlp/wol
Jackson, Jermaine "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" 1982 Motown TMGT-1276 12"sgl/UK
Jackson, JJ It's Alright sm splt
Jackson, Michael 15 "'In the Closet' 1996 Epic ES-4467/8/9 2LP/pr/12"
Jackson, Michael 15 "'Who Is It?' 1996 Epic ES-4686/7/8 2LP/pr/12"
Jackson, Michael 15 "'Jam' 1996 Epic ES-4580/1/2 2LP/pr/12"
Jackson, Milt The Art of Milt Jackson
Jackson, Milt Feelings 1976 Pablo 2310-774 pr
Jacksons, The 6 2300 Jackson St. 1989 Epic OE-40911 cut
Jacksons, The Nothin' (That Compares 2 U)'" 1989 Epic 12"/sgl/die
Jamal, Ahmad Night Song 1980 Motown M7-945R1 wlp/Motown stock die cut jacket
James Gang 6 The Best of Joe Walsh and the James Gang ABC
James Gang Live
James, Bob 3 BJ 4 1977 CTI 7074
James, Bob 3 Touchdown 1978 Tappan Zee JC-35594 wlp/t&ts/ins
James, Bob 3 The Genie (Music From 'Taxi') 1983 Tappan Zee PC-38678 pr
James, Bob 3 Two 1975 CTI 6057
James, Bob 3 One 1974 CTI 6043
James, Bob Three 198? Columbia Tappan Zee FC-36837
James, Bob Three 198? Columbia Tappan Zee FC-36837 cut
James, Bob BJ 4 1977 CTI 7074 (BJ 4)
James, Rick 3 You and I'/High On Your Love 12" sgl
James, Rick 3 Street Songs 1978 Gordy G8-1002M1
James, Rick 3 "Give It to Me Baby" 1981 Motown M35001V1 12"/sgl
James, Rick 3 Bustin Out of L Seven
Jan & Dean 6 Deadman's Curve United Artists in shrink
Jan & Dean Golden Hits Vol. 2 1966 Liberty LST-7417 wobc
Jansch, Bert Rosemary Lane 1971 Reprise wlp
Jarre, Jean-Michel "Equinoxe Pt. 5" 1978 Polydor PRO-064 wlp/12"/sgl
Jarreau, Al Look to the Rainbow Live
Jarrett, Keith El Juicio in shrink
Jarrett, Keith Death and the Flower quad
Jarrett, Keith My Song 1978 ECM 1-1115 in shrink
Jarrett, Keith Arbor Zena 1976 ECM 1-1070 toc/wlp
Jay-Z Featuring Blackstreet 6 "The City Is Mine" 1997 Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella 315-568-055-1 ss/12"/sgl/pr
Jazz Crusaders, The 3 Old Socks, New Shoes 1971 sm splt
Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince 6 "The Magnificent Jazy Jeff"/"Medley" 1987 Jive 12"/die cut
Jean & the GenII Computer Two Loves I Have 1973 Mark Quadraphonic MC-8518 ss/Quad
Jefferson Airplane, The 3 Blows Against the Empire 1970 RCA LSP-4448 sm splt
Jefferson Airplane, The 3 Sunfighter (Paul Kantner/Grace Slick)
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Crown of Creation 1968 RCA LSP-4058 toc/wobc/srw/ins
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Surrealistic Pillow 1986 RCA AYL1-3739
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 After Bathing At Baxter's 1967 RCA LSO-1511 srw/wobc
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Bless Its Pointed Little Head 1969 RCA LSP-4133 wobc/ins
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Volunteers 1969 RCA LSP-4238 wobc/ins
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Bark 1971 Grunt FTR-1001 sm splt/sticker
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Thirty Seconds Over Winterland 1973 Grunt BFL1-0147
Jefferson Airplane, The 6 Flight Log 1966-76 1977 Grunt/RCA CYL2-1255 2LP/wobc
Jefferson Airplane, The 10 Takes Off! 1986 RCA AYL1-3738
Jefferson Airplane, The 10 Volunteers 1973 RCA APD1-0320 Quad
Jefferson Airplane, The 20 Jefferson Airplane 1989 Epic OE-45271 ss
Jefferson Airplane, The The Worst of Jefferson Airplane 1971 RCA LSP-4459
Jefferson Airplane, The Surrealistic Pillow 1966 RCA LPM-3766 Mono/no cvr
Jefferson Starship 3 Gold
Jesus & Mary Chain Sex 199? (no label) bootleg/in shrink
Jethro Tull 3 Benefit 196? Chrysalis
Jethro Tull Living In the Past 2LP/bk
Jethro Tull M.U. The Best of 1975 Chrysalis CHR-1078 t&ts
Jethro Tull Aqualung 1971 Chrysalis CHR-1044 in shrink
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick 1972 Chrysalis MS-2072 w/newspaper
Jethro Tull Living In the Past 1972 Chrysalis 2TS-2106 2LP/bnd bk
Joel, Billy 6 An Innocent Man 1983 Columbia
Joel, Billy 6 The Bridge Columbia
Joel, Billy The Stranger 1977 Columbia JC-34987
Johansen, David 6 In Style
John, Elton 3 Madman Across the Water
John, Elton 6 Madman Across the Water
John, Elton 6 Madman Across the Water DJM bk/UK
John, Elton 6 Honky Chateau 1972 MCA 2017 w/fold-open cvr
John, Elton 6 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
John, Elton 10 Tumbleweed Connection 1970 DJM DJLPS-410 UK/book
John, Elton Madman Across the Water Uni bk/UK
John, Elton Greatest Hits Volume II 1976 bk
John, Elton Friends [sdtk.] 1971 Paramount PAS-6004
John, Elton Empty Sky
John, Elton Greatest Hits 1974 MCA 2128 in shrink
John, Elton Greatest Hits II 1976 MCA 3027 bk
Johnson, Alphonso 6 Moonshadows Columbia wlp/ins
Johnson, Alphonso Spellbound
Johnson, Wayne, Trio Everybody's Painting Pictures
Johnston, Bruce 6 Going Public 1979 Columbia PC-34459 wlp/t&ts/ins
Jones, Jonah 6 Jumps Again 196? Capitol T-1115 Mono
Jones, Jonah Swingin' Round the World 1960 Capitol ST-1237 Canada
Jones, Quincy 3 Back On the Block 1989 Qwest 9-26020-1
Jones, Quincy 3 John and Mary
Jones, Quincy The Places You Find Love 1991 Qwest PRO-A-4458 wlp/12"/sgl
Jones, Quincy $ [sdtk] 1972 Reprise MS-2051 cut/in shrink
Jones, Quincy Smackwater Jack 1971 A&M SP-3037
Jones, Quincy In the Heat of the Night [sdtk] 1967 United Aritsts UAS-5160
Joplin, Janis Big Brother & the Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin 1972 Col. Spec. Prod. P-13313 srw
Joplin, Janis Farewell Song
Joplin, Janis I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again 1980 Columbia
Joplin, Janis Cheap Thrills
Joplin, Scott Himself 1974 Biograph 1P-6134 Mono?
Jordan, Louis and his Orchestra Three Hot Big Band Sessions in 1951 1976 MCA Coral German
Journey 3 Look Into the Future Columbia
Journey 6 Escape
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars 10 Anthology 1974 Motown M7-786-R2 2LP/srw/ins
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla 1974 Gull 1005 German
Judas Priest Live 1983 Columbia AS-1603 pr/12"/sgl
Junior Somebody 12"
K. Alexi 6 Don't Cha Want It? 1990 Underground UN-137 12"/sgl
K.C. & the Sunshine Band K.C. & the Sunshine Band 1975 TK 603
Kayak Starlight Dancer
Kelis "Get Along With You" 2000 Virgin 7087-6-14971-1-3 wlp/12"/sgl
Kenton, Stan 3 Kenton in Hi Fi Mono
Kenton, Stan Live at Butler University 1972 GNP/Crescendo/Creative/World ST-1058 2LP/ss/Quadraphonic SQ
Kentucky Colonels On Stage
Kenyatta, Robin 50 Until 1968 Vortex 2005 ss
Kerr, Anita Singers Salute Simon & Garfunkel 1971 Happy Tiger HT-1016
Kershaw, Doug 3 Spanish Moss
Kershaw, Doug Douglas James Kershaw 1973 Warner Bros. BS-2725 wlp/sm splt
Khachaturian Gayne Ballet (Dorati-London)
Khan, Chaka 6 CK
Khan, Steve Evidence
King Crimson 30 It the Court of the Crimson King 2009 Discipline 200 gram/in shrink
King Curtis Get Ready 1970 Atco
King Richard's Fluegel Knights Something Super! 1968 MTA 1005 wlp
King, Albert Lovejoy
King, B.B. To Know You Is To Love You
King, B.B. Singin' the Blues 195? Crown CLP-5020 no cvr/Mono
King, BB 6 Completely Well
King, Carole 6 Tapestry 1971
King, Carole Rhymes & Reasons 1972 A&M 86448 German
King, Claude Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife 196? Columbia CS-1024 pr/t&ts
King, Evelyn Champagne 3 Love Come Down 12"
King, Freddie Larger Than Life
Kingdom Come 6 Kingdom Come
Kingdom of Kong Kingdom of Kong 1997 Drag City 122 ss
Kingfish 3 Kingfish 1976 Round LA-564-G sm splt
Kingfish 6 Kingfish 1976 Round LA-564-G in shrink
Kingfish Kingfish
Kinks, The Soap Opera 1975 RCA
Kinks, The Greatest Hits
Kinks, The Kink Kronikles 1972 Reprise 2XS-6454 2LP
Kirby, John Boss of the Bass
Kirk, Rashaan Roland 15 Case of the 3-Sided Dream in Audio Color
Kirkland, Eddie 10 The Devil
Kiss 10 Double Platinum 1978 Casablanca NBLP-7100 2LP
KISS Double Platinum 197? Casablanca
Klaatu Klaatu 1977 Capitol ST-11542 sm splt
Klein, Robert Child of the 50s 1973 Brut 6001 ins
Klein, Robert Child of the 50s 1973 Brut 6001 ins
Klemmer, John 3 Touch
Klemmer, John Touch 1975 ABC ABCD-922
Kloss, Eric with Groove Holmes Love and All That Jazz 1966 Prestige PR-7469 sm splt/toc
Klugh, Earl 6 Earl Klugh
Kool & the Gang Best of 1974 De-Lite DE-20009
Kooper, Al & Mike Bloomfield 3 Live Adventures 1969 Columbia KGP-6 2LP/srw/sm splt
Kooper, Al w/Mike Bloomfield & Steven Stills Super Session 1971 Columbia CS-9701
Kunkel, Leah Leah Kunkel 1979 Columbia JC-35778 wlp
Kweskin, Jim, Jug Band The Jim Kweskin Jug Band 1966 Reprise 6266 Mono/wlp/cut/wobc/sm splt
Laine, Denny 20 Holly Days autograph
Lateef, Yusef 6 10 Years Hence
Lauper, Cyndi 3 She's So Unusual
Laws, Hubert Make It Last 1983 Columbia FC-38850
Le Febvre, Dave Marble Dust
Leer, Tys Van Nice to Have Met You 1978 Columbia JC-35345 ss/cut
Lemongello, Peter 6 Peter Lemongello 1976 disk 1 missing/ins/shrink
Lennon, John 3 Walls & Bridges 1974 Apple SW-3416 innersleeve only w/disk
Lennon, John 6 Imagine 1971
Lennon, John 25 Body Stripping Off the Walls 1987 NO LABEL boot
Lennon, John Sometime In New York City 2LP/EU
Lennon, John Rock 'n Roll 1975 Apple
Lennon, John Live Peace In Toronto 1969 Apple C064-90877 France/srw/no ins
Lennon, John Live Peace In Toronto 1969 Apple SW-3362 rw
Lennon, John Live Peace In Toronto 1969 Apple SW-3362 ss/ins
Lennon, John Imagine 1971 Apple SW-3379 no ins
Lennon, John Imagine 1981 Toshiba/EMI/Apple EAS-80705 Japan/OBI/ins
Lennon, John Mind Games 1973 Apple SW-3414 srw
Lennon, John Rock 'N' Roll 1986 Capitol SN-16069
Lennon, John Walls 'n Bridges 1974 Apple
Lennon, John The John Lennon Collection 1982 Geffen GHSP-2023 in shrink
Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy 1982 Nautilus NR-47 1/2-sp./ins
Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy 1980 Geffen GHS-2001
Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Milk & Honey 1984 Polydor 817 160-1
Lennon, John and Elton John I Saw Her Standing There 1981 DJM 0934.006 12"/sgl/German
Lennon, Julian Valotte 1984 Atlantic 7-80184-1 ss
Lennon, Julian Valotte 1984 Atlantic 7-80184-1 ss
Levitation 6 World Around 1992 Capitol Y-15841 wlp/12"/sgl
Lewis, Gary, & the Playboys 3 Golden Greats 196? Liberty LST-7468 rw
Lewis, Huey Sports 1983 Chrysalis FV-41412 in shrink
Lewis, Huey, & the News "Power of Love" 1985 Chrysalis VAS-2099 pr/12"/sgl
Lewis, Jerry Lee 3 Hall of Fame Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Best of
Lewis, Jerry Lee Greatest Hits 197? Mercury SRS-67131
Liebman, David Sweet Hands
Light, Enoch And the Light Brigade 1973 Project 3 PR5073QD Quad
Light, Enoch Extra! 1970 Project 3 PR5039QD Quad
Lighthouse Lighthouse Live! 1972 Evolution 3014 2LP
Lindisfarne Back and Fourth 1978 Atco cut
Lindsifare Dingly Bell 1972 Elektra 75043
Linhart, Buzzy The Time To Live Is Now 1971 Kama Sutra KSBS-2037
Linhart, Buzzy The Time To Live Is Now
Lions & Ghosts Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime
Little Feat 3 Down on the Farm 1979 Warner Bros. HS-3345
Little Feat 6 Sailin' Shoes 1972 Warner Bros. BS-2600 sm splt
Little Feat 6 Last Record Album 1975 Warner Bros. K-56156 UK
Little Feat 6 Hoy Hoy 1981 Warner Bros. 2BSK-3238 2LP/pr/bk/woc
Little Feat 6 Time Loves A Hero 1977 Warner Bros. K-56349 UK
Little Feat Dixie Chicken 1973 Warner Bros. BS-2686
Little Feat Waiting For Columbus 1979 Warner Bros. 2BS-3140 2LP
Little Feat Little Feat 1971 Warner Bros. WS-1890
Little River Band, The 3 Greatest Hits 1982 Capitol ST-12247
Little Steven Freedom
Living Colour 6 Type {EP} 1990 Epic LCLGT7 12"/British
Local Boys, The 6 Moments of Madness 1983 Island 7-90111-1 ss/cut
Loggins & Messina Full Sail 1981 Direct Disc NR-16606 1/2sp/DBX
Loggins & Messina Sittin' In 1972 Columbia PC-31044
Loggins & Messina Full Sail 1980 Columbia PC-32540
Lomax, Jackie Three 1972 Warner Bros. BS-2591 ins
Loose Ends Choose Me 12"
Los Bravos Black Is Black 1966 Mono
Louisiana Red 10 Sings the Blues Atco pr
Lovin' Spoonful Best of 1976 Kama Sutra KSBS 2608-2 2LP
Lowe, Frank Fresh
Lowe, Nick Pure Pop For Now People 1978 Columbia JC-35329 in shrink
Lowe, Robert Double Dip
Luc-Ponty, Jean Civilized Evil
Luna 50 Pup Tent 1997 Teenbeat 232 in shrink/ins
Luscious Jackson 3 Ladyfingers Remixes 199? Grand Royal 074 12"
Luscious Jackson 6 "Here" 1995 Grand Royal SPRO-0777-7-79605-1-6 12"
Lynn, Loretta You're Lookin' At Country 1971 Decca DL-75310
M.C. Hammer 3 Good to Go 12"
M.C. Hammer Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em 1990 Capitol C1-92857 ss
Macarthur, Gary, Margaret, Megan and Dan Make the Wildwood Ring 1982 Front Hall FHR-027 cut
Machito 10 Dance Date 195? 10"/Mono
Madonna 20 I'm Breathless (Dick Tracy) 1990 Warner Bros. R100572 in shrink
Maestro Subgum & the Whole 6 Jiggle the Constable 1991 Yoni Yay! (no number) ss
Magma 20 Live 2LP
Malando Tango Tangos of the Continent 196? Epic
Mamas & the Papas 6 Farewell To the First Golden Era 1969 Dunhill DS50025
Mancini, Henry 3 Our Man in Hollywood 1963 RCA LSP-2604 Living Stereo/in shrink
Mancini, Henry 3 The Big Latin Band Of  1968 RCA LSP-4049
Mancini, Henry 6 The Big Latin Band Of  1968 RCA LSP-4049 in shrink
Mancini, Henry Pink Panther 1963 RCA LSP-2795 sm splt
Mancini, Henry Best of 1964 RCA LSP-2693 Living Stereo/in shrink
Manhattan Transfer Extensions pr/t&ts
Mantovani Mr. Music 1967 London LL-3474 ss
Manzanera, Phil Primitive Guitars pr
Manzanera, Phil Diamond Head
Mariano, Charlie October
Mark, Jon Songs For a Friend
Marley, Bob "Jamming"/"No Woman No Cry" Island UK/12"/sgl
Maroon 5 6 "'This Love' 2005 Octone 12"/sgl/die
Mars, Chris 6 Horseshoes and Grenades 1992 Island 314-513-198-1 pr
Martha & the Vandellas 6 Greatest Hits
Martin, Bogan and Armstrong The Barnyard Dance
Martin, George 10 Off the Beatle Track
Martyn, John 6 Solid Air Island pr
Martyn, John Bless the Weather
Martyn, John Glorious Fool
Martyn, John Solid Air
Mason, Dave Mariposa de Oro 1978 Columbia BL-35285 wlp/t&ts
Matching Mole 25 Little Red Record 1972 CBS UK
Material One Down
Matthews Southern Comfort 6 Later That Same Year 1971 Decca DL-75264 sm splt/rw
Matthews' Southern Comfort Second Spring 1970 Decca DL-75242 srw
Matthews, Ian 6 Valley Hi Elektra wlp
Matthews, Ian 6 Tigers Will Survive Vertigo wlp
May, Billy The Girls and Boys on Broadway 1960 Capitol T-1418 Mono
Mayall, John Bell Sound
Mayfield, Curtis Superfly [sdtk.] 1972 Buddah CRS-8014ST
Mayfield, Jessica Lea With Blasphemy So Heartfelt 2008 Polymer ss/auto
Mayorga, Lincoln & Amanda McBroom Growing Up In Holywood Town 1982 Sheffield Lab 13 D2D/box/ins
Mayorga, Lincoln...Colleagues Vol. 3 197? Sheffield Lab 1 D2D
MC Luscious "Da Dip"
MC5 10 Back In the USA 1979 Atlantic SD-8247 pr
MC5 20 Kick Out the Jams 1969 Elektra EKS-74042 Edited version
McCann, Les 3 Invitation to Openness 1972 Atlantic SD-1603
McCann, Les Comment 1970 Atlantic in shrink
McCartney, Jesse 3 She's No You 12"
McCartney, Paul 10 Amoeba's Secret 2008 ss
McCartney, Paul 10 Amoeba's Secret 2008 ss
McCartney, Paul 20 Tripping the Live Fantastic -- Highlights 1990 EMI ss/UK
McCartney, Paul 25 Band On the Run 25th Anniversary 1999 EMI 7243-4-99176-1-3 2LP/bk/in shrink
McCartney, Paul 40 Ram [Mono] 2012 ss
McCartney, Paul Birthday' 12"/sgl/UK
McCartney, Paul Band On the Run 1973
McCartney, Paul McCartney 1970 Apple STAO-3363 in shrink
McCartney, Paul Ram [Mono] 2012
McCartney, Paul Here's To Veterans 1974 AFM-72196 McCartney is DJ. pr
McCartney, Paul McCartney II 1980 Columbia FC-36511
McCartney, Paul Temporary Secretary/Secret Friend 1980 Parlophone 12R-6039 British/12"/sgl/LE
McCartney, Paul The McCartney Interview 1981 Columbia PC-36987 ss/LE
McCartney, Paul "Tug Of War" 1982 Columbia 44-02878 12"/sgl
McCartney, Paul Tug Of War 1982 Columbia TC-37462 Canadian
McCartney, Paul Say Say Say' 1983 Columbia 44-04169 12"/sgl
McCartney, Paul Pipes Of Peace 1983 Columbia QC-39149 in shrink
McCartney, Paul Give My Regards to Broad Street 1984 Columbia SC-39613 w/alternate mixes
McCartney, Paul No More Lonely Nights' 1984 Columbia 44-05077 12"/sgl
McCartney, Paul Press To Play 1986 Capitol PJAS-12475
McCartney, Paul All the Best! 1987 Capitol CLW-48287 2LP
McCartney, Paul Choba B CCCP 1988 Meloydia A60-00415-006 13 track/Russian
McCartney, Paul Choba B CCCP 1988 Meloydia A60-00415-006 13 track/Russian/wtr
McCartney, Paul Flowers In the Dirt Tour Pack 1989 Parlophone PCSDX-106 ins/7"sgl/box
McCartney, Paul "Put It There" 1990 Parlophone 12RS-6246 British/12"/sgl/ins
McCartney, Paul "All My Trials" 1990 Parlophone 12R-6278 British/ss/12"/sgl
McCartney, Paul Unplugged 1991 Parlophone PCSD-116 British/ss
McCartney, Paul Twin Freaks 2005 EMI 2LP/UK/in shrink
McCartney, Paul Red Rose Speedway 1973 Apple ins
McCartney, Paul Pipes of Peace 1983 Columbia QC-39149 in shrink
McCartney, Paul & Linda Ram 1971 Apple SMAS-3375
McCartney, Paul & Wings Red Rose Speedway 1973 Apple SMAL-3409 wtr
McCartney, Paul & Wings Band On the Run 1973 Apple SO-3415 poster/in shrink
McCartney, Paul and Wings Venus & Mars 1975 Capitol SMAS-11419 2 stickers/in shrink/2 posters
McCartney, Paul and Wings Wings At the Speed of Sound  1976 Capitol SW-11525 ins/in shrink
McCartney, Paul and Wings Wings Over America            1976 Capitol SWCO-11593 3LP
McCartney, Paul and Wings Seaside Woman'/'B-Side to Seaside' 1977 A&M AMSP-7548 British/12"/sgl
McCartney, Paul and Wings London Town    1978 Capitol SW-11777 in shrink
McCartney, Paul and Wings Back to the Egg 1979 Columbia FC-36057
McCartney, Paul and Wings Wings Greatest 1978 Capitol SOO-11905 post
McCartney, Paul and Wings Back to the Egg 1979 Columbia FC-36057
McCaslin, Mary Goodnight Everybody 197? Barnaby Z12-35002 srw
McCurdy, Ed Sings Folksongs of the Sea 196? Tiara TMT-7537 sm splt
McFerrin, Bobby Spontaneous Inventions 1987 Blue Note BT-85110 pr/in shrink
McGear, Mike McGear    1974 Warner Bros. BS-2825 auto
McGuinn, Roger Peace On You 1974 Columbia KC-32956 t&ts (ripped)
McIlwaine, Ellen We the People
McIlwaine, Ellen Ellen McIlwaine
McKay, Karen West Virginia Woman 1983 West Virginia Woman Records (no #)
McKenzie, Bob & Doug 6 Great White North ins
McLaughlin, John His Acoustic Guitar
McLaughlin, John Electric Guitarist
Meat Puppets I Can't Be Counted On'/'Paradise' 1987 SST PSST-150 12"/sgl/die
Meatloaf 6 Bat Out of Hell 1977 Epic AL-34974
Mellencamp, John 6 Lonesome Jubilee
Mellencamp, John American Fool 1982 Riva RVL-7501 ss
Men At Work 6 Business As Usual 1982 Columbia FC-37978
Mendelssohn 20 Italian Symphone (Szell-Cleveland) 1963 Epic in shrink
Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '66 Herb Alpert Presents 1966 A&M SP-116 in shrink
Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '66 Greatest Hits 1980 A&M SP-4252
Meredith, Burgess Reads Ray Bradbury 196? Listening Library AA-3330 toc
Metallica 100 Kill 'Em All 1983 1st press Megaforce
Metallica And Justice For All 1988 2LP/in shrink
Method Man "Judgement Day'" 1998 Def Jam 12"/pr
Michael, George Spinning the Wheel 1996 Dreamworks PRO-A-5001 wlp/12"/sgl
Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Disco 1979 Disneyland 2504 shrink
Midler, Bette The Divine Miss M 1972 Atlantic SD-7238
Miles, Barry, Silverlight Magic Theater 1975 London PS-661 shrink
Miles, Buddy Jazz Express
Miller, Roger 6 The Return of Roger Miller 1964 Smash MGS-27061 Mono/in shrink
Miller, Steve 3 Book of Dreams
Miller, Steve 6 Sailor 1968 Capitol ST-2984
Miller, Steve Best of 1972 Capitol 5C054.80287 Holland
Miller, Steve Anthology 1972 Capitol SVBB-11114 2LP/bk
Milli Vanilli 6 "Baby Don't Forget My Number" 1989 Arista AD1-9833 12"/sgl
Minasi, Don I Have the Feeling I've Been Here Before
Mind Bomb Do You Need Some? 1993 Mercury PRO-1028-1 10"/ss/pr
Ministry 3 Halloween Remix'/'Nature of Outtakes' 1986 Wax Trax 020 12"/sgl
Minor Threat 25 Minor Threat 1984 Dischord 12 w/inserts
Minor Threat Out of Step 1983 Dischord 10 ins/sm splt
Miracles, The 3 Greatest Hits From the Beginning 1965 Tamla 254 2LP/mono/toc
Miracles, The Going to a Go Go 1965 Tamla
Miracles, The Away We A-Go-Go 1966 Tamla 271 Mono/wol
Miracles, The Greatest Hits 1964 Tamla 254 Mono
Miracles, The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1967 Tamla 280
Mitchell, Joni 6 Mingus Elektra wlp
Mitchell, Joni 6 Mingus 1979
Mitchell, Joni 20 Hejira 1976 Asylum ss/cut
Mitchell, Joni For the Roses 1972 Asylum SD-5057 wlp/t&ts
Mitchell, Joni Clouds 196? Reprise MS-6341 wlp/rw/saw/toc/wobc
Mitchell, Joni Hissing of Summer Lawns 1975 Asylum 7E-1051 wlp/srw/saw/wobc
Mitchell, Joni Court and Spark
Moby Grape Moby Grape no cvr
Modern Jazz Quartet 50 Modern Jazz Quartet 195? Atlantic 1265 ss
Modern Jazz Quartet 50 Third Stream Music 195? Atlantic SD-1345 ss
Modern Jazz Quartet 50 Pyramid 1960 Atlantic SD-1325 ss
Modern Jazz Quartet The Last Concert
Modern Jazz Quartet, The 6 Plastic Dreams 1974 Atlantic SD-1589 water
Modern Jazz Quartet, The 10 Space 1970 Apple ST-3360 srw
Modern Jazz Quartet, The Under The Jasmin' Tree 1971 Apple ST-3353
Monkees, The 6 The Monkees 1966 Colgems COM-101 Mono
Monkees, The 6 The Birds, the Bees & the Monkees 1968 Colgems COS-109 sm splt/toc
Monkees, The 6 More of the Monkees 1967 Colgems COM-102 Mono
Monkees, The 6 Headquarters 1967 Colgems COM-103 Mono/in shrink
Monkees, The Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Mono
Montana, Patsy Cowboy Songs and Ballads 1985 Old Homstead OHS-90172
Montenegro, Hugo 6 Music From the Man With No Name 1968 RCA LSP-3927 sm splt
Montenegro, Hugo 6 Love Theme From the Godfather 1972 RCA APD1-0001 Quad
Montenegro, Hugo 10 Moog Power
Montgomery, Wes 6 The Best of
Montgomery, Wes Beginnings
Montoya, Carlos 6 Carlos Montoya 1960 RCA LSP-2251 Living Stereo/srw
Montoya, Carlos And His Flamenco Guitar Living Stereo
Monty Python 6 The Worst/Best of Monty Python 1976 GRT Buddah GRT-5626-2 2LP/cut
Moody Blues 6 The Other Side of Life 1986 Polygram/Threshold 829-179-1-Y-1
Moody Blues 6 Days of Future Passed 1968 Deram DES-18012
Moody Blues 6 To Our Children's Children 1969 Threshold THS-1
Moody Blues 6 A Question Of Balance 1970 Threshold THS-3
Moody Blues 6 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 1971 Threshold THS-5
Moody Blues 6 Seventh Sojourn 1972 Threshold THS-7 in shrink
Moody Blues In Search of the Lost Chord 1968 Deram DES-18017 in shrink
Moody Blues On The Threshold Of A Dream 1969 Deram DES-18025
Moore, Glen and David Friesen In Concert
Morricone, Ennio 10 A Fistful of Dollars 1970 RCA LSO-1135 wtr
Morrison, James 10 Pure Genius of… Masterpieces of Irish Fiddling 1978 Shanachie 33004
Morrison, Van 10 His Band and His Street Choir 1970 Warner Bros. WS-1884
Morrison, Van Moondance 1977 Warner Bros. WS-1835
Morrissey 20 "Boxers" 1995 EMI UK/12"/sgl
Mott the Hoople 3 Drive On 1975 Columbia PC-33705 srw
Mott the Hoople 6 Mott Columbia
Mountain 3 Climbing
Mountain Best of 1973 Columbia/Windfall PC-32079 Left-handed cvr
Mountain Avalanche 1974 Columbia
Mountain Bus 20 Sundance
Mulligan, Gerry & Lee Konitz Revelation
Murphey, Michael Blue Sky / Night Thunder
Murphy, Turk New Orleans Jazz Festival 196? Columbia Mono
Murray, David, Quartet I Want to Talk About You 1989 Black Saint 120-105
Murray, Michael The Great Organ in the Methuen Memorial Music Hall 1977 Telarc 5036 DD-2 ss/Direct to Disk
Mustang, The 3 The Mustang Plays the Beatles Songbook 1964 Stereo Fidelity SF-2300
Myrick, Gary Guitar, Talk, Love & Drums' 1983 Epic AS-1694 12"/sgl/pr
Nabors, Jim 6 How Great Thou Art ins/in shrink
Nash, Graham 6 Songs For Beginners
Nash, Johnny 6 Hold Me Tight 1968 in shrink
National Lampoon 6 Greatest Hits of 1978 Visa 7008 pr/woc/wol/sm splt
Navarro, Fats Prime Source 2LP
Nazareth 3 Razamanaz ins
Nazz 3 Nazz 1968 SGC SD-5001 no cvr
Nazz Nazz III 1983 Rhino RNLP-111 in shrink
Nazz Nazz 1968 SGC SD-5001 srw
Nazz Nazz Nazz 1969 SGC SD-5002 Blk vnl
Nelson, Ricky Ricky Imperial
Nelson, Ricky Ricky Nelson Imperial
Nero, Peter 3 Plays a Salute to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Neville Brothers 6 River of Life 1990 A&M 75021-7403-1 wlp/12"
New Edition Count Me Out 198? ss
New York Mary
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Newbury, Mickey Sings His Own 1972 RCA LSP-4675 sealed/cut
Newhart, Bob 3 Button-Down Mind of 1960 Warner Bros. W-1379 Mono/sm splt
Newhart, Bob 50 Newhart Cast Album 1988 (no #) ss
Newman, Randy 6 Born Again 1979 Warner Bros. K56663 UK/srw
Newman, Randy Retrospect 1983 Warner Bros. 600137 Australia
Newman, Randy Little Criminals 1977 Warner Bros. in shrink/cut
Newman, Randy 12 Songs 1970 Reprise MS-6373 ins
Newman, Randy "I Love L.A."/"The Blues" 1983 Warner Bros. PRO-A-1097 12"/sgl/wlp
Newman, Randy Randy Newman 1968 Reprise MS-6286 wobc/toc/saw
Nice, The 6 Ars Longa Vita Bravis 1970 Immediate Z12-52020 pr/t&ts/srw
Nice, The 6 Ars Longa Vita Bravis Immediate UK/spine wear
Nichols, Herbie The Third World
Nichols, Mike and Elaine May 3 Examine Doctors in shrink
Nichols, Mike and Elaine May 6 Retrospect 2LP
Nilsson, Harry 35 Pussy Cats 1973 RCA APD1-0570 Quad (CD-4)/ss
Nilsson, Harry Aerial Ballet 1967 RCA LSP-3956RE
Nirvana 20 "Come As You Are' 1992 Geffen 12" sgl/UK
Nirvana 30 "Sliver'/'Dive'/'Drain You'" 1991 Tupelo 12" sgl/UK
Nirvana 30 "Come As You Are' 12" sgl/pic/UK
Nirvana 30 Smells Like Teen Spirit 12" sgl/pic/UK
Nirvana 30 In Bloom 12" sgl/pic/UK
Nirvana 30 The Beavis & Butthead Experience 1993 British/pic disk Geffen
Nirvana 60 Lithium 1992 ss
Nirvana 75 Blew 1989 Tupelo UK
Nirvana 150 Incesticide 1992 DGC in shrink w/hype sticker/inserts
Nirvana 150 In Utero 1993 DGC w/inserts
Nirvana 200 Nevermind 1991 DGC 424 425-1 in shrink w/hype sticker/inserts
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The 6 Uncle Charley and His Dog Teddy
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The 6 The Dirt Band 1978 in shrink
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The 6 Stars & Stripes Forever
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The All the Good Times pr
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Uncle Charley and His Dog Teddy
Nolan, Bob The Sound of a Pioneer 1979 Elektra 6E-212 srw/woc/pr
Northwind 6 River Flight
Nyro, Laura 3 Christmas and the Beads of Sweat 1970 Columbia KC-30259
Nyro, Laura Christmas and the Beads of Sweat 1970 Columbia
Nyro, Laura Nested wlp
Nyro, Laura Gonna Take a Miracle 1971 Columbia KC-30987 sm splt
Nyro, Laura 3 Season of Lights… Live
Nyro, Laura The First Songs 1973 Columbia
Nyro, Laura Eli and the 13th Confession 1968 Columbia CS-9626
Nyro, Laura Laura Nyro 1967 Verve Forecast FTS-3020
Ochs, Phil Pleasures of the Harbor
Ochs, Phil Best of Phil Ochs 1980 ss
O'Connor, Carroll 6 Remembering You
O'Day, Alan Appetizers 1977 Pacific PC-4300 pr/t&ts
Ofwerman, Rune Cool 1961 Argo 752 Mono&re
Oldfield, Mike 6 Tubular Bells 1973 Virgin VR 13-105 British
Ono, Yoko Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band 1970 Apple SW-3373 ss
Ono, Yoko This Is Not Here 198? Bag 5070 boot
Ono, Yoko Fly 1971 Apple SW-3380 2LP/cut
Ono, Yoko Feeling the Space 1974 Apple SW-3412
Orbison, Roy 6 Greatest Hits
Orbison, Roy Very Best of
Oregon 6 Friends
Original Surfaris, The Wheels 1963 Diplomat DS-2309
Osby, Greg 6 Mr. Gutterman 1993 Blue Note V-15962 12" wlp
Osipov Academic Russian Folk Orchestra Osipov Academic Russian Folk Orchestra 197? Meloydiya CM-04385-6 Russian
Ossian St. Kilda Wedding
Ossipov Ensemble 1000 Balalaika's 197? Meloydiya 390-035 Russian
Owen, Sandy Euphonia
Paar, Jack 6 The Best of What's His Name Ramrod Mono
Parker, Charlie 6 Very Best of Bird 1977 Warner Bros. pr
Parker, Charlie 10 Live at the Apollo; Bird With Strings Columbia pr
Parker, Charlie Memorial Vol. 1 1956 Savoy MG-12000 Mono
Parker, Charlie The Saxes of Stan Getz and Charlie Parker Jazztone
Parker, Graham "Mercury Poisoning"/"I Want You Back" 1979 Arista SP-65 12"/wlp
Parliament 10 Mothership Connection 1975 Casablanca NBLP-7022
Parsons, Alan, Project Tales of Mystery and Imagination 1980 Casablanca T-739 re
Parton, Stella Interview 1978 Elektra 4-3-78 pr
Pass, Joe Portraits of Duke Ellington
Paul, Les & Mary Ford The Hitmakers 1955 Capitol T-416 Mono
Paulo, Marco Concerto Ligeiro 197? EMI 8E-068-40485 Spain/wtr
Paxton, Tom 6 Songs From the Briarpatch 1977 Vanguard ss
Paxton, Tom Outward Bound Elektra
Payne, Freda Band of Gold
Payne, John and Louis Levin Band John Payne and Louis Levin Band
Peanuts Flashbeagle 1983
Pendergrass, Teddy 3 Teddy
Pere Ubu Cloudland 1989 Phonogram 838-237-1 UK
Perfecto 3 African Horizon Mystica 12"/sgl
Perry, Lee "Scratch" 20 Out of Many, The Upsetter 1999 Trojan TRLS-297 ss/England
Perry, Lee "Scratch" The Upsetter Collection 1999 Trojan TRLS-195 England/in shrink
Persip, Charli & Superband No Dummies Allowed 1989 Soul Note 121-179 ss
Peter & Gordon Best of
Peter Pan Singers Black and White 1973 Peter Pan 8115
Peterik, Jim Don't Fight the Feeling 1976 Epic PE-34196 wlp/t&ts
Peters Sisters, The The Terrific Peters Sisters 1983 EMI 2C-068-65.085 France/mono
Peterson, Oscar Montreux 1975
Peterson, Oscar Keyboard 195? Verve MGV-2047 Mono/sm splt
Peterson, Oscar & Clark Terry Plus One in shrink
Peterson, Oscar Big 6 6 At the Motreux Jazz Festival 1975 Pablo 2310-747 in shrink/cut/pr
Peterson, Oscar, Trio Rockin' In Rhythm 197? RCA FXM-1-7327 France
Philips, Esther Performance
Philips, Esther Down Home Blues Buckingham Palace 804
Philips, Esther What a Diff'rence a Day Makes 1975 CTI/Kudu KU-23
Phranc 64 Ford 199? Specialty PR12-6675-1 Test press
Pickett, Wilson Greatest Hits 1973 Atlantic SD-2-501 2LP
Pink 3 "Most Girls"/There You Go" 2000 Arista 74321-792011 12"/sgl/srw
Pink Floyd 100 Dark Side of the Moon 1980 Harvest UK/Quad/posters
Pink Floyd Meddle 197?
Pink Floyd Meddle
Pink Floyd Relics
Pitney, Gene Big Sixteen Vol. 2 1965 Musicor MM-2043 Mono
Pitney, Gene Blue Gene 1963 Stateside SL-10119 British/Mono
Pixies, The 10 "Monkey Gone to Heaven" 1989 Elektra/4AD ED-5372 12" sgl
Pixies, The 10 "Here Comes Your Man" 1989 Elektra/4AD ED-5386 12" sgl
Pizzarelli, John 20 Sing! Sing! Sing! 1987 Stash cut/pr
Poco 6 Very Best of 2LP
Poco 6 Head Over Heels wlp
Poco 6 Very Best of Poco 1975 Epic PEG-33537 2LP
Poi Dog Pondering 6 U-Li-La-Lu 1990 Columbia CAS-1995 pr
Poindexter, Buster "Hot Hot Hot" 12" sgl/wlp
Pointer Sisters Friends' Advice 12"/sgl
Pointer Sisters, The 6 So Excited 1982 Planet AS-11407
Pointer Sisters, The Black & White 1981 Planet P-18 ss
Police, The 6 Zenyatta Mondata
Police, The 6 Ghost In the Machine 1981 A&M SP-3730
Police, The 20 Regatta De Blanc 1981 A&M 10"/2LP/poster
Police, The Zenyatta Mondata
Police, The Regatta de Blanc
Police, The Zenyatta Mondata 1980 A&M
Polonsky, Jonny Gone Away 1995 Onion 1-0021 10"/ss
Ponty, Jean Luc Live in Los Angeles British
Post, Mike 6 Railhead Symphony 1975
Poulenc, Francis 10 La Vox Humaine 196? RCA LS-2385 box/bk/2LP
Prado, Perez 6 Mambos 195? Seeco 10"/Mono
Prado, Perez Big Hits by Prado 195? RCA LSC
Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The Sweet Emma & Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band 1964 Preservation VPS-2
Presley, Elvis 3 50 Million Elvis Fans 1959 RCA LPM-2075
Presley, Elvis 3 Elvis' Golden Records 1958 RCA LPM-1707 woc/sm splt/mono
Presley, Elvis 3 Elvis' Christmas Album 1957 RCA LPM-1951 Mono/sm splt
Presley, Elvis 3 Burning Love and Hits From His Movies 1972 RCA Camden CAS-2595 srw
Presley, Elvis 3 Loving You 1957 RCA LSP-1515 in shrink
Presley, Elvis 3 For LP Fans Only 1975 RCA LSP-1990e
Presley, Elvis 6 Elvis' Christmas Album 1958 RCA LSP-1951
Presley, Elvis 6 Burning Love and Hits From His Movies in shrink
Presley, Elvis 6 Harum Scarum
Presley, Elvis 6 Girls! Girls! Girls! [sdtk.] 1974 RCA LSP-2621
Presley, Elvis 6 Legendary Performer Vol. 1 1973 RCA CPL1-0341 die cvr/bk
Presley, Elvis 6 Legendary Performer Vol. 2 1976 RCA CPL1-1349 die cvr/bk
Presley, Elvis 6 Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 4 197? RCA LSP-3921 sm splt
Presley, Elvis 6 Pure Gold 197? RCA AYL1-3732 in shrink
Presley, Elvis 6 Good Times 1974 RCA CPL1-0475
Presley, Elvis 6 Roustabout 1968 RCA LPM-2899 Mono/sm splt
Presley, Elvis 6 Raised On Rock 1973 RCA APL1-0388
Presley, Elvis 6 He Touched Me 1972 RCA LSP-4690 in shrink
Presley, Elvis 6 Welcome to My World 1975 RCA APL1-2274 in shrink
Presley, Elvis 6 Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Parts 1 & 2 1974 RCA R213690 2LP/mono
Presley, Elvis 6 Separate Ways 1972 Pickwick CAS-2611 in shrink
Presley, Elvis 6 Pot Luck 1975 RCA LSP-2523
Presley, Elvis 6 You'll Never Walk Alone
Presley, Elvis 6 Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis 1975 RCA CPL1-0606
Presley, Elvis 6 Now 1975 RCA LSP-4671
Presley, Elvis 6 Paradise, Hawaiian Style 1975 RCA LSP-3643
Presley, Elvis 10 Let's Be Friends ss
Presley, Elvis 10 The Memphis Record 1987 2LP RCA
Presley, Elvis 20 Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas ss RCA
Presley, Elvis 20 The Alternate Aloha 1990 ss RCA
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue 1977 RCA AFL1-2428 blue vinyl/in shrink
Presley, Elvis Elvis Presley 1956 RCA LPM- No disc/wobc
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue 1977 RCA AFL1-2428 blue vinyl
Presley, Elvis Elvis 1956 RCA LPM-1382 Mono/Canada/sm splt
Presley, Elvis How Great Thou Art 1977 RCA LSP-3758
Presley, Elvis That's the Way It Is 1984 RCA AYL1-4114 Played twice/in shrink
Presley, Elvis In Person At the International Hotel 1984 RCA AYL1-3892
Presley, Elvis Wonderful World Of Christmas 1971 RCA LSP-4579 in shrink
Presley, Elvis Now 1972 RCA LSP-4671
Presley, Elvis Having Fun with Elvis On Stage 1974 RCA CPM1-0818 Mono
Presley, Elvis The Elvis Presley Story 1977 RCA DML5-0263 5LP box
Presley, Elvis Elvis Country 1971 RCA
Presley, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite 1973 RCA VPSX-6089 Quad
Presley, Elvis GI Blues 1961 RCA LPM-2256
Presley, Elvis On Stage, February, 1970 1970 RCA LSP-4362 srw
Presley, Elvis Paradise, Hawaiian Style 1966 RCA LSP-3643
Presley, Elvis Back in Memphis 1975 RCA LSP-4429
Presley, Elvis G.I. Blues 1975 RCA LSP-2256
Presley, Elvis Blue Hawaii 1975 RCA LSP-2426
Presley, Elvis On Stage 1970 1975 RCA LSP-4362
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue 1977 RCA AFL1-2428 ss
Preston, Billy Late at Night 1979 Motown M7-925R1 in shrink
Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow 2008 Rare Earth RS-506
Price, Alan 6 O Lucky Man [sdtk] 1973 Warner Bros.BS-2710 wlp/ins
Price, Leontyne Puccini: Tosca (Mehta) 1974 RCA ARD1-0567 ins/Quad
Price, Leontyne "Eye Hate You"/"I Hate You" 1995 Warner Bros. 9362-43573-0-WO315T ss/12"/sgl
Prince 3 Batdance
Prince 6 Around the World In a Day
Prince 25 Purple Rain 1984 Warner Bros. w/poster
Prince For You pr
Prince & the N.P.G. Cream 1991 Warner Bros. 9-40197-0 ss/12"/sgl
Pritchard, Mary Ann & Steve 6 "TVA"/"Starvation" 1999 Bill Warden (no #) test pressing
Pritchard, Mary Ann & Steve 6 "TVA"/"Starvation" 1999 Bill Warden (no #) test pressing
Procol Harum Live with the Edmonton Symphony
Procol Harum Home
Producers, The The Producers
Public Announcement 6 Mamacita ss
Puccini Tosca 196? RCA Soria LDS-7022 2LP/bk
Puente, Tito Mucho Puente RCA LPM
Quadrastrings, The Hollywood Gold, Vol. 1 1973 Ovation OVQD-1601 2LP/Quad
Queen The Game 1980 Elektra 5E-513 in shrink
Queen Queen 1973 Elektra 75064
Queen A Night At the Opera 1975 Elektra 7E-1053
Quicksilver Messenger Service Anthology 1973 Capitol SVBB-11165 2LP
R.E.M. 15 Document 1987 I.R.S. 42059
Radha Krsna Temple, The Radha Krsna Temple London 1971 Apple SKAO-3376
Rafferty, Gerry 6 City to City
Rainbow Finyl Vinyl
Raitt, Bonnie 6 Takin' My Time 1973 pr
Raitt, Bonnie Give It Up 1972 Warner Bros. BS-2643 srw
Raitt, Bonnie Bonnie Raitt 1971 Warner Bros.
Ramal, Bill and his Orchestra 6 Young America Dances to TV's Greatest Themes 1962 20th Century TFM-3109 Mono
Randolph, Boots 6 Yakety Sax 196? Monument SLP-18002
Rankin, Kenny Like a Seed 1972 Little David LD-1003 pr/cut
Ranks, Shabba 3 Mr. Loverman 12" 12"/sgl/wol
Rappinstine "Scream" 1988 Ruthless Records RR-003 Dr. Dre/Eazy E./Microphone Mic/pr/12"/sgl
Rapson, Dan Bu Wah
Rare Earth Midnight Lady 1976 Tamla/Motown SRE-3013 Indian
Rare Earth Get Ready 1969 Rare Earth RS-507 shape cover
Rare Earth Get Ready 1981 Motown M5-229V1 in shrink
Rascals, The 6 Time Peace: Greatest Hits 1968 Atlantic SD-8190
Raspberries, The Raspberries no sticker
Rebels, The Someone Touched Me 1954 Skylite SS-6035 ss
Red Clay Ramblers, The Stolen Love 1975 Flying Fish FF-009 cut/wobc
Redman, Dewey Look For the Black Star
Reed, Jerry 3 Best of 1972 RCA LSP-4729 sm splt
Reed, Jerry 6 East Bound and Down 1977 RCA AYL1-3677
Reed, Jerry Jerry Reed 1972 RCA LSP-4750
Reed, Lou 6 Rock 'n Roll Animal 1972
Reed, Lou 10 Lou Reed
Reed, Lou 10 Berlin 1973 RCA w/book
Reed, Lou Lou Reed 1972 RCA
Reed, Lou & Sam Moore "Soul Man" 1986 A&M SP-17434 12" sgl/pr
Reed, Lou and John Cale Songs For Drella 1989 pr
Reiner, Carl & Mel Brooks 2000 Years with Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks 196? Capitol W-1529 Mono/wtr
Rell featuring Kanye West & Consequence 3 "Real Love" 200? ROC 1041 12"
Remington, Dave Dixie Chicago Style 196? Vee -Jay VJLP-3030 sm splt
Remler, Emily Firefly
Revere, Paul and the Raiders Midnight Ride 1968 Columbia in shrink
Rich, Buddy 6 Big Swing Face
Rich, Buddy, Harry James and Woody Herman Europa Jazz 1981 Europa Jazz EJ-1041 Italy
Rich, Charlie Behind Closed Doors 1973 Epic KE-32247
Richie, Lionel 3 Can't Slow Down
Richie, Lionel 'Running with the Night' 1983 Motown 66945 12"/wlp
Rickles, Don Hello, Dummy 1968 Warner Bros. WS-1745 in shrink
Riddle, Nelson C'mon Get Happy! 195? Capitol T-893 pr/Mono
Rihanna If It's Loving That You Want 2005 Def Jam DEFR-16446 12"/sgl
Riley, Jeannie C. Harper Valley PTA 1968 Plantation PLP-1
Riley, Terry Shri Camel 1980 Columbia
Ringer, Jim Any Old Wind That Blows 1975 Philo 1021 wlp/woc/cut
Rip-Chords Three Window Coupe 196? Columbia Mono
Rivers, Sam 15 Involution 2LP
Robbins, Marty Turn the Lights Down Low 1965 CBS BPG-62499 British/Mono
Roberston, Robbie 6 Contact from the Underworld of Redboy 1991 Capitol 12"/red
Robertson, Robbie Robbie Robertson 1987 Geffen GHS-24160
Robinson, Smokey Quiet Storm 1975 Tamla T6-337S1 rw
Robinson, Smokey and the Miracles Make It Happen
Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me 1983 Motown 6052ML in shrink
Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" 1983 Motown 4515MG 12"/sgl
Roden, Jess The Player Not the Game
Rogers, Eric & the London Festival Band A Tribute to Satchmo 197? London SP-44170 wlp/Phase 4
Rogers, Kenny 3 20 Greatest Hits 1983 Liberty LV-51152
Rogers, Kenny The Heart of the Matter 1985 RCA AJL1-7023 ss
Rogers, Kenny & the First Edition 6 Greatest Hits 1978 Reprise RS-6437 in shrink
Rogers, Shorty Way Up There 1955 Atlantic 1270 Mono
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Now UK export pressing
Rolling Stones, The 3 Sticky Fingers wtr
Rolling Stones, The 20 Greatest Group On Earth 1970 Lurch Records boot/pl cvr
Rolling Stones, The 20 Glimmer Twins Shine On the BBC Tonight 1987 Jester Productions JP-112 boot
Rolling Stones, The 20 Satanic Majesties Request 1967 London NPS-2 3D cvr
Rolling Stones, The 25 Got Live If You Want It EP London/King Japan/12" EP/obi
Rolling Stones, The 30 High Tide And Green Grass 1966 London NPS-1 bk/in shrink
Rolling Stones, The 30 Satanic Majesties Request 1967 London NP-2 Mono/3D cvr
Rolling Stones, The 40 Shattered aka Rim Shout (Cleveland, 1978) 197? (no #) boot/ins
Rolling Stones, The 50 "Cocksucker Blues"/"Brown Sugar" 2008 Rolling Stones orange vinyl/12"/sgl
Rolling Stones, The 50 "Cocksucker Blues"/"Brown Sugar" 2008 Rolling Stones orange vinyl/12"/sgl
Rolling Stones, The 50 "Cocksucker Blues"/"Brown Sugar" 2008 Rolling Stones orange vinyl/12"/sgl
Rolling Stones, The Beggar's Banquet 1968 London PS-539
Rolling Stones, The Out Of Our Heads 1965 London Mono
Rolling Stones, The Black and Blue 1976 Rolling Stones COC-79104
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers 1980 Rolling Stones 1OC-064-063616 Spain/special cover
Rolling Stones, The Through the Past, Darkly 1969 London shape cover
Rolling Stones, The Metamorphosis
Rolling Stones, The Steel Wheels 1989 Columbia OC-45333
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers 1971 Rolling Stones COC-59100 rec cl/zipper cvr
Rolling Stones, The Exile On Main St. 1972 Rolling Stones COC-2-2900 2LP
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You 1981 Rolling Stones COC-16052 in shrink
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed 1969 London NPS-4 poster/in shrink
Rolling Stones, The Get Yer Ya-Yas Out 1970 London NPS-5
Rolling Stones, The Voodoo Lounge 1994 Virgin V-2750-7243-8-39782-1-2 2LP
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls 1978 Rolling Stones COC-39108 Orig. cover
Rollins, Sonny More From the Vanguard 2LP
Rollins, Sonny Horn Culture 1973 Milestone/Fantasy M-9051
Rollins, Sonny Volume 2 1997 Blue Note ST-81558 180g/in srhink
Ronstadt, Linda 3 Greatest Hits 1976 Asylum 7E-1092 srw
Ronstadt, Linda 6 Linda Ronstadt 1971 Capitol SMAS-635
Roots, The and Jaguar 6 What You Want 200? Columbia 12"
Rosko Private Moments
Ross, Diana 6 Greatest Hits
Ross, Diana 6 Diana 1980 Motown M8-936M1
Ross, Diana Endless Love (Greatest Hits) 1981 Motown 2-47.165 Spain
Rough Diamond TEST PRESSING 1977 Columbia (No number) No titles, names, etc.
Rouse, Charlie Cinnamon Flower
Roxy Music Jealous Guy' 1981 Polydor 2141-328 UK/12"/sgl
Rudd, Roswell Flexible Flyer
Rufus and Chaka Khan Love Stompin' at the Savoy
Rundgren, Todd 3 Hermit of Mink Hollow
Rundgren, Todd 6 A Wizard, A True Star 1973 Bearsville BR-2133 shape cvr
Rundgren, Todd Todd 1974 Bearsville 2LP/poster
Rundgren, Todd Something/Anything 1997 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-2-225 2LP/ss/1/2-sp/200g/ins
Rundgren, Todd Something/Anything 1972 Bearsville 2LP
Rush 6 2112
Rush Rush 1974 Mercury SRM-1-1011
Rush Exit...Stage Left 1981 Mercury SRM-2-7001 2LP
Rush, Tom Tom Rush
Rush, Tom Tom Rush 1968 Columbia
Russian Folk Musical Instruments Russian Folk Musical Instruments 197? Meloydiya C-01747-8 Russian
Rutles, The The Rutles 1978 Warner Brothers HS-3151 bk
Ryder, Mitch 'When You Were Mine' 1983 Riva MK-244 pr/12"/sgl
Ryder, Mitch Detroit 1971 Paramount PAS-6010 sm splt
Rypdal, Terje 10 Odyssey 2LP
Sad Cafe Live UK/2LP
Sad Rockets Recreation EP 2000 Matador OLE-462
Saint-Saens The Tone Poems 1973 Angel S-37009 cut/cover is Grateful Dead tribute
Sam & Dave Double Dynamite 1966 Stax 712 Mono/cut
Sam & Dave Double Dynamite 1967 Stax S-712 Mono/wtr
Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs Little Red Riding Hood
Sanborn, David 3 Sanborn 1976
Santamaria, Mongo 6 Stone Soul 1969 Columbia CS-9780 in shrink
Santana New Gold Disc 1981 CBS ASP-1006 Japan
Santana Caravanserai 1972 CBS C-65299 British/ins
Santana Caravanserai 1972 Columbia KC-31610
Santana, Carlos 10 Illuminatons
Sarbek, Boris & his Orchestra Tangos In Hi-Fi
Satchmo Legacy Band Salute to Pops- Vol. 1 1989 Soul Note 121-116
Sayer, Leo 3 Just a Boy 1973 Warner Bros. BS-2836 sm splt
Sayer, Leo Another Year 1975 Warner Bros. BS-2885 ss
Schifrin, Lalo Piano Strings and Bossa Nova 1966 MGM E-4110
Schmit, Timothy B. Timothy B 1987 MCA 42049 ss
Schoenberg, Eric Soloist 1977 Rounder
Schon & Hammer Here to Stay pr
Schubert Unfinished and Symphony No. 5 (Reiner-CSO) 1961 RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2516 srw/Living Stereo
Scott, Tom Best of
Seastones Seastones
Seatrain Seatrain
Seawind Window Of A Child 1977 CTI 7 5007
Secret Sisters, The 20 The Secret Sisters 2010 Beladroit B0014533-1 ss/180
Secret Sisters, The The Secret Sisters 2010 Beladroit B0014533-1 auto/180
Sedaka, Neil Sedaka's Back 1974 MCA 463 ss/cut
Seeger, Pete Folk Songs By, Never Before Released Masters 196? Capitol
Seekers, The 3 Georgy Girl
Seger, Bob 6 Ramblin' Gamblin' Man 1969 Capitol SM-172
Seger, Bob 6 Night Moves
Sembello, Michael Bossa Nova Hotel 1983 Warner Bros. 92-3920-1 German
Sesame Street 3 Bob McGrath From Sesame Street 1972 Affinity A-1001S woc
Sesame Street 3 Sesame Street Fever 1982 Sesame Street C-79016 no rec/bk
Sesame Street 3 The Count Counts 1975 Sesame Street CTW-22069 sm splt/srw
Sesame Street 3 Christmas Sing-along 1984 Sesame Street CTW-22122
Sesame Street 3 Sesame Street 1970 Columbia CS-1069 woc/bk
Sesame Street 3 Sesame Street 2 1971 Sesame Street CTW-22074 sm splt
Sesame Street 3 Sesame Street: Bert's Blockbusters 1974 Sesame Street CTW-22051
Sesame Street 6 Sesame Street: The Year of Roosevelt Franklin 1971 Columbia C-30387
Sesame Street 6 Sesame Street Anniversary Album 1981 Sesame Street CTW-89002 2LP/sm splt
Sesame Street Sesame Street 1970 Columbia CS-1069 bk
Sete, Bola 6 Jungle Suite
Severinson, Doc 6 The Tonight Show Band 1986 Amherst AMH-3311
Shadow Dreadness 1977 Richie's Music RMP 1008
Shaggy 3 Ready Fi Di Ride'/'Sexy Gyal Wind' 2005 Geffen GEFR-26192 pr/12"/sgl
Shaggy In the Summertime 1995 Virgin SPRO-11019 wlp/12"/sgl
Shalamar Greatest Hits
Shankar Watching You 12"
Shankar, Ravi 10 Music of India Vol. 2 196? Angel 35468 in shrink/Mono
Shankar, Ravi 10 Raga [sdtk.] 1971 Apple SWAO-3384 bk
Shankar, Ravi In Concert 1972 Apple toc
Shanti Shanti 1971 Atlantic SD-8302 in shrink
Shepp, Archie 20 There's a Trumpet In My Soul
Sherman, Bobby 3 Bobby Sherman 1968 Metromedia MD-1014
Shew, Bobby Sextet Play Song
Shiner, Merv Life Is Lovin' What You're Made For 1970 Certron CS-7001 sealed
Shirley, Don, Trio In Concert 196? Columbia CS-9684 shrink
Shonen Knife 10 Shonen Knife 1990
Sibelius 6 Spring Song (Groves-Liverpool) 1976 EMI/Odeon British
Silkie, The You've Got to Hide Your Love Away 1965 Fontana MGF-27548 Mono/srw
Silver, Horace 10 Silvers' Serenade 196? Blue Note
Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary... 1968 Columbia CL-2563 Mono/srw
Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary... 1968 Columbia CS-9363 1p
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends 1968 Columbia KCS-9529 1p/in shrink/poster
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1970 Columbia KCS-9914 1p/in shrink
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends 1968 Columbia KCS-9529
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1970 CBS S-63699 British
Simon, Carly 3 Hot Cakes 1974 Elektra 7E-1002 srw
Simon, Carly 6 No Secrets 1972 Elektra 75049 shrink
Simon, Carly Greatest Hits 1975 Elektra 7E-1048
Simon, John Journey cut
Simon, Paul 3 Paul Simon
Simon, Paul 6 Live Rhymin': Paul Simon In Concert 1974 Columbia S-69059 British
Simon, Paul There Goes Rhymin' Simon 1973 Columbia S-69035 British
Simon, Paul Paul Simon 1972 CBS C-69007 British/tape tear on back cover
Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years 1975 Columbia PC-33540
Simon, Paul Paul Simon 1972 Columbia KC-30750
Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years 1975 Columbia PC-33540
Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years 1975 Columbia PCQ-33540 Quad
Simon, Paul Graceland 1986 Warner Bros. 9-25447-1
Simon, Paul Greatest Hits, Etc. 1977 Columbia JC-35032
Sims, Zoot and Count Basie Basie & Zoot 1975 Pablo 2310-745 pr/srw
Sinatra, Frank 3 Cycles 1968 Reprise FS-1027 srw
Sinatra, Frank 3 Nice N' Easy 1960 Capitol SW-1417
Sinatra, Frank 6 Christmas Album in shrink
Sinatra, Frank 10 Watertown 1970 Reprise FS-1031
Sinatra, Frank 10 Francis A. & Edward K. 1967 Reprise FS-1024 in shrink
Sinatra, Frank 10 Come Fly With Me 1958 Capitol W-920 Mono
Sinatra, Frank 10 Sinatra's Swingin' Session!!! 1960 Capitol SW-1491
Sinatra, Frank Nice N' Easy 1960 Capitol W-1417 British/Mono
Sinatra, Frank Songs For Swingin' Lovers 1956 Capitol W-653 Mono
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra at the Sands 1966 Reprise 2FS-1019 2LP/sm splt
Sinatra, Frank And Antonio Carlos Jobim 1966 Reprise FS-1021
Sinatra, Frank In the Wee Small Hours 1955 Capitol W-581 Mono
Sinatra, Frank A Jolly Christmas 1985 Capitol SL-9240 in shrink
Sinnamon, Shandi Shandi Sinnamon 1976 Asylum 7E-1054 wlp/srw
Siouxsie & the Banshees "'Kiss Them For Me'" 1991 Geffen PRO-A-4281 pr/12"/sgl/wol
Sir-Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" 1990 Def American PRO-A-5213 2LP/12"/pr
Sister Sledge We Are Family 1979 Cotillion SD-5209 pr/t&ts/sm splt
Sister Sledge "He's the Greatest Dancer"/"We Are Family" 1978 Atlantic DK-4710 12"/sgl/wol
Sisters of Mercy, The Floodland 1987 Elektra 60762-1 pr/cut/Audiophile press
Sledge, Percy When a Man Loves a Woman 1966 Atlantic 8125 no disk
Slop Shop 6 "Gone" 200? Poets Club PCR-003 12"/sgl
Sly & The Family Stone 6 Stand! 1969 Epic BN-26456
Sly & The Family Stone 6 Small Talk 1975 Epic woc
Sly & the Family Stone Small Talk
Sly & The Family Stone Stand! 1969 Epic BN-26456
Sly & The Family Stone Anthology 1981 Epic E2-37071 2LP
Sly & The Family Stone Dance to the Music 1968 Epic BN-26371
Sly & The Family Stone Greatest Hits 1970 Epic KE-30325 in shrink
Sly & The Family Stone Greatest Hits 1974 Epic EQ-30325 SQ quad/srw
Smith, Jimmy 6 Christmas '64 1965 Verve V-8604 in shrink/Mono
Smith, Jimmy History of Jimmy Smith 2LP/wlp
Smith, Jimmy Plays Pretty Blue Note
Smith, Jimmy & Lalo Schifrin 6 The Cat 1964 Verve V-8587 no cover
Smothers Brothers 6 Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Snow "Informer" 1992 East-West DMD-1915 12"/sgl/wlp
Snow, Phoebe 3 Phoebe Snow
Solo "'Heaven" 1995 Perspective/A&M PSPRO-00052 12"/2LP
Sonny & Cher Look At Us 1965 Atco 33-177 Mono/German
Soundtrack 3 Odd Couple 1968 Dot DLP-25862
Soundtrack 3 Hit Songs From the Movies 1979 Peter Pan 1104
Soundtrack 3 Soul to Soul 1971 Atlantic sm splt
Soundtrack 3 All in the Family: 2nd Album 1972 Atlantic SD-7232 sm splt
Soundtrack 3 Godfather II 1974 ABC 856 sm splt/rw
Soundtrack 3 On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969 United Artists UAS-5204 rw
Soundtrack 3 Hatari! 1962 RCA LSP-2559 sm splt
Soundtrack 3 Mr. Rogers: Let's Be Together Today
Soundtrack 3 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Soundtrack 3 Kojak
Soundtrack 3 He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown
Soundtrack 6 Saturday Night Fever
Soundtrack 6 Five Easy Pieces 1970 Epic KE-30456 cut
Soundtrack 6 Batman 196? Design DLP-249 sm splt/woc
Soundtrack 6 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well 1974 Atlantic 2LP
Soundtrack 6 Animal House 1978 MCA 37219
Soundtrack 6 Fiddler On the Roof 1971 United Artists UAS-10900 2LP
Soundtrack 6 Hair 1968 RCA LSO-1150 in shrink
Soundtrack 6 Sound of Music 197? RCA LSOD-2005 reissue/ins
Soundtrack 6 Victor/Victoria 1982 MGM MG-1-5407
Soundtrack 6 Grand Prix (Jarre) 1970 MGM 1E-8ST srw
Soundtrack 6 A House Full of Love Music From The Cosby Show Featuring Grover Washington Jr. 1985 Columbia FC-40270 pr
Soundtrack 6 Car Wash
Soundtrack 6 Sweet Charity 1969
Soundtrack 6 Peter Gunn 1960 RCA LSP-1956
Soundtrack 6 Tootsie
Soundtrack 6 Rescuers, The
Soundtrack Less Than Zero 1987 Epic
Soundtrack Sounder 1972 Columbia toc/woc
Soundtrack Steelyard Blues
Soundtrack Woodstock
Soundtrack Saturday Night Fever
Soundtrack Saturday Night Fever
Soundtrack 1941 1979 Arista AL-9510 pr/toc
Soundtrack Almost Summer 1978 MCA 3037 pr/srw
Soundtrack Lisztomania 1975 A&M SP-4546 wlp
Soundtrack Midnight Express 1978 Casablanca NBLP-7114 pr
Soundtrack Mission Impossible 1968 Dot DLP-25831 srw
Soundtrack James Bond 10th Anniversary 1972 United Artists UXS-91 2LP
Soundtrack Star Trek 1980 Peter Pan 8236
Soundtrack Wild In the Streets 1968 Tower SKAO-5099 woc/sm splt
Soundtrack 77 Sunset Strip 1959 Warner Bros. 1289 sm splt/wobc
Soundtrack Empire Strikes Back 1980 RSO RS-2-4201 2LP/sm splt/srw
Soundtrack Star Wars 1977 20th Century 2T-541 2LP/toc/tape tear on back cov
Soundtrack New York, New York 1977 United Artists UA-LA750L2 2LP/ss/cut
Soundtrack Disorderlies 1987 Tin Pan Apple 833-274-1-Y-1 wtr
Soundtrack People to People 196? ABC Radio
Soundtrack Performance
Soundtrack Rowan & Martin's Laugh In 1969 Epic
Soundtrack Fraggle Rock
Soundtrack Down and Out In Beverly Hills 1986 MCA 6160 ss
Soundtrack No, No Nanette 197? Columbia Masterworks S-30563 ss
Soundtrack Skyscraper 196? Capitol SVAS-2422 ss/cut
Soundtrack Take 3 Film Classics 1983 RCA
Soundtrack All in the Family 1971 Atlantic SD-7210 ss
Soundtrack Goldfinger 1964 United Artists UAS-5117
Soundtrack Let's Do It Again 1975 Curtom CU-5005 in shrink
Soundtrack License to Kill 1989 MCA 6307
Soundtrack Live and Let Die 1973 United Artists UA-LA-100-G-698
Soundtrack Midnight Cowboy 1969 United Artists UAS-5198
Soundtrack Spy Who Loved Me 1977 United Artists UA-LA-774
Soundtrack The Sting 1974 MCA 390 in shrink
Soundtrack You Only Live Twice 1967 United Artists UAS-5155
Soundtrack Diamonds Are Forever 1971 United Artists UAS-5220 cut
Soundtrack Come Together 1972 Apple SW-3377 rw
Soundtrack The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 1968 Custom CS-1122 woc
Soundtrack Pink Panther, The 1963 RCA LSP-2795 sm splt
Soundtrack Flashdance 1984 Charlie Brown 2518 rw
Souther Hillman Furay Band Souther Hillman Furay Band 1974 Asylum
Spanky and Our Gang 3 Spanky's Greatest Hits 1969 Mercury SR-61227
Sparrow 6 Sparrow Power/Mighty Sparrow 197? KD RA-3030 Trinidad/sm splt
Sparrow Sparrow Come Back 197? RCA LPB-3006 Trinidad/no cvr
Sparrow Dreadness 1977 Richie's Music RMP-1008 Trinidad
Spasmodique 15 North 1989 Schemer German
Spector, Phil Back to Mono 1990 ABKCO 7118-1 5LP/box/bk
Spector, Phil Christmas Album 1972 Apple SW-3400 in shrink
Spinanes, The Strand 199? Sub Pop SP-345 ss
Spinners 6 Spinners 1974 Atlantic SD-18118 sm splt
Spirit 3 Clear
Spirit Best of Spirit
Spirit Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus 1970 Epic E-30267 in shrink
Springsteen, Bruce 3 Born In the U.S.A. 1984 Columbia QC-38653 ins
Springsteen, Bruce 6 'Cover Me' 1984 CBS QTA-4662 British/12"/sgl
Springsteen, Bruce 6 Chimes of Freedom 1988 Columbia EP
Springsteen, Bruce 6 'Dancing In the Dark' 1985 Columbia 44-05028 12"/sgl
Springsteen, Bruce 6 Darkness On the Edge of Town 1978 Columbia JC-35318
Springsteen, Bruce 10 Tunnel of Love 1987 Columbia OC-40999
Springsteen, Bruce Born to Run 1B/1B w/ label on back
Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 1982 Columbia QC-38358 in shrink
Springsteen, Bruce 'Dancing In the Dark' 1985 Columbia 44-05028 12"/sgl/in shrink
Springsteen, Bruce 57 Channels (And Nothin' On) Remixes 1992 Columbia 44-74416 12"/cut
Springsteen, Bruce Live, 1975/1985 1986 Columbia C5X-40558 5LP box/bk
Springsteen, Bruce Born to Run 1975 CBS S-69170 British
Springsteen, Bruce Greetings From Asbury Park 1972 Columbia PC-31903
Springsteen, Bruce The Wild, the Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle 1973 Columbia JC-32432 Title is in white print
Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run 1975 Columbia PC-33795 Strip with Jon Landau added to bc
Springsteen, Bruce The River 1980 Columbia PC2-36854 2LP/ins
Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run 1977 Columbia JC-33795
Sprouse, Blaine Brilliancy
Squire, Chris Fish Out of Water 1975 Atlantic SD-18159 srw
Stafford, Jim 3 Jim Stafford 1974 MGM SE-4947
Stanley Brothers The Legnedary Stanley Brothers Vol. 2
Stanley, Michael 3 Stage Pass 1976 Epic 2LP
Stanley, Michael 3 Friends & Legends 1973 MCA 372 toc
Starland Vocal Band 3 Starland Vocal Band
Starling, John Long Time Gone 1980 Sugarhill SH-3714 ss
Starr, Ringo 3 Ringo 1973 Apple ins
Starr, Ringo 3 Sentimental Journey 1970 Apple SW-2265 vinyl damaged/cut
Starr, Ringo 6 Goodnight Vienna
Starr, Ringo Blast From Your Past 1975 Apple
Starr, Ringo Ringo the Fourth 1977 Atlantic SD-19108
Starr, Ringo Ognir Rrats: Greatest Hits 198? Wibble WR-91825 srw
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues 1970 Apple SMAS-3368 sm splt/srw
Starr, Ringo Ringo 1973 Apple SWAL-3413 bk/in shrink
Starr, Ringo Ringo's Rotugrauvure 1976 Atlantic SD-18193
Starr, Ringo 'Drowning In a Sea of Love' 1977 Atlantic DSKO-73 12"/sgl/wol/woc
Steely Dan 6 Greatest Hits 1978 ABC 2LP
Steely Dan 10 Gaucho 1980 MCA 6102 in shrink
Steely Dan 10 Becker & Fagen: The Early Years 1984 PVC 5908 in shrink
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974 ABC ABCD-808
Steely Dan Katy Lied 1980 Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-007 1/2-sp
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974 ABC/Command CQD-40015 Quad
Steely Dan Can't Buy A Thrill 1972 ABC ABCX-758
Steely Dan The Royal Scam 1976 ABC ABCD-931 in shrink
Steely Dan Countdown to Ecstasy 1973 ABC ABCX-779
Steppenwolf 6 16 Greatest Hits 1973 Dunhill DSX-50135
Stereolab 15 Miss Modular EP 1996 Duophonic D-UHF-D16 ss/12" sgl/England
Stevens, Cat 30 Tea For the Tillerman 1970 A&M SP-4280 in shrink
Stevens, Cat 30 Teaser and the Firecat 1971 A&M SP-4313 in shrink
Stevens, Cat Tea For the Tillerman in shrink
Stevens, Cat Teaser and the Firecat
Stewart, John Wingless Angles 1975 RCA
Stewart, John In Concert 1980 RCA
Stewart, Rod 6 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'/'Scarred and Scared' 1978 Warner Bros. WBSD-8727 12"/sgl
Stewart, Rod 6 Rod Stewart Album 1969 Mercury SR-61237
Stewart, Rod 6 Gasoline Alley 1970 Mercury SR-61264
Stewart, Rod 6 Best of 2LP
Stewart, Rod Gasoline Alley 1970 Vertigo UK
Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells a Story
Stewart, Rod Foolish Behaviour 1980 Warner Bros. HS-3485 sealed
Stillrock 15 Stillrock 1971 Enterprise ENS-1016 wlp
Stills Young Band Long May You Run
Stills, Stephen 3 Live pr
Stills, Stephen 3 Manassas-Down the Road 1973 Atlantic SD-7250 woc/srw
Stills, Stephen 6 Stephen Stills 2 1971 Atlantic SD-7206
Stills, Stephen 6 Stephen Stills 2 1971 Atlantic German
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 1970 Atlantic 2401-004 UK original 1970 red/plum Atlantic pressing; jacket is laminated with "Printed and made by the E. J. Day Group, London and Bedford" printed on back, which seems to be the mark of a first pressing; has average wear for age but no ring wear (since it's laminated); disk matrix is A 2 1 11 4 / B 2 2 1 1 5... in nice shape but has some light scratches on cuts 1-3 on side 1
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 2 German
Stills, Stephen Manassas 1981 Atlantic SD-2-903 2LP
Stokowski 10 Poem of Ecstacy (Stokowski-Houston Sym.) 1959 Everest in shrink
Stoltz, Kelley To Dreamers 2016 ss Sub Pop
Stone City Band, The "Bad Lady" 1983 Motown 4508MG wlp/12"/sgl
Stone City Band, The Meet the Stone City Band! 1983 Gordy 6042GL wlp
Story, Liz 6 Speechless
Stravinsky Rite of Spring (Markevitch-Philharmonia) 196? Angel 35549 Mono/cut/wobc
Stravinsky, Igor Igor Stravinsky Conducts 1961 Columbia
Strawberry Lots 6 "'The Girl Who Couldn't Decide" 1991 Continuum 29105-0 12"/custom die sleeve
Stuckey, Nat She Wakes Me with a Kiss Every Morning 1971 RCA LSP-4477 ss
Sullivan, Ira Ira Sullivan pr
Summer, Donna On the Radio
Summer, Donna Love to Love You
Summer, Donna & Barbra Streisand No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)' 1979 Casablanca NBD-20199 12"/sgl/pr/shrink
Summers, Andy & Robert Fripp "I Advance Masked" 1984 A&M SP-17219 wlp/12"/sgl
Superman 6 Mystery of the Mad Minnows 1975 Power
Supreme Love Gods 3 "All Over" 1992 Def American 33082 12" sgl
Supremes, The 3 Greatest Hits 1967 Motown 2-663 2LP
Supremes, The 3 Medley of Their Hits 1979 Motown 12"/sgl
Supremes, The 6 Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 1970 Motown MS-702 srw
Supremes, The Merry Christmas 1965 Motown MS-638 sm splt
Supremes, The Merry Christmas 1978 Natural Resources NR-4010T re
Supremes, The Anthology 1974 Motown M9-794A3 3LP/bk
Supremes, the & Neil Diamond It's Happening 196? Uni 734727 srw/pr
Supremes, The & the Temptations Together 1969 Motown S-692 w/poster
Surfaris, The Wipeout 1963 Dot DLP-3535 Mono
Sweet Desolation Boulevard 1975 Capitol ST-11395
Sweet Smoke 30 Just a Poke 197? German Columbia
Swindells, Steve Fresh blood
Sykes, Paul with Mason Williams What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? 1980 Piccadilly PIC-3407
Sylvers, The Something Special 1976 Capitol ST-11580 srw
Szabo, Gabor Mizrab
Szeryng, Henryk Mendelssohn, Concerto in E Minor (Dorati-London) Living Presence
Tachoir, Jerry Jerry Tachoir & Friends 1986 Avita 1-1004 in shrink
Taj Mahal Giant Steps/De Olde Folks at Home 2LP
Taylor, Alex Dinnertime 1972 Capricorn CP-0101 ss/cut
Taylor, Allan Sometimes 1971 United Artists 5529 sm splt/cut/wol/woc/toc
Taylor, Cecil 15 Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come
Taylor, Cecil Silent Tongues
Taylor, Hound Dog 20 And the Houserockers 1975 Alligator 4701
Taylor, James 3 Mud Slide Slim & the Blue Horizon 1971 Warner Bros. BS-2561
Taylor, James James Taylor 1968 Apple SAPCOR-3 British
Taylor, James James Taylor 1971 Apple SKAO-3352
Taylor, James Sweet Baby James ins
Taylor, Johnnie 3 Rare Stamps 197? Stax STS-2012 no cvr/pr
Taylor, Johnnie 3 Taylored In Silk
Taylor, Kate 6 Sister Kate 1971 Cotillion SD-9045 cut
Taylor, Mick Mick Taylor 1979 Columbia JC-35076 wlp
Taylor, Sam The Man The Bad and the Beautiful Mono
Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture (Dorati-Minneapolis) 195? Mercury SR-90054 Living Presence
Television Television 1992 Capitol SPRO- wlp
Temptations Greatest Hits 1967 Gordy GLP-921 Mono/woc
Temptations Power 1980 Tamla
Temptations Masterpiece 1973 Gordy G-965L in shrink
Temptations A Song For You 1975 Gordy G6-969S1 Flip-top cover
Temptations Cloud Nine 1968 Tamla GS-939 in shrink
Temptations Live 1967 Tamla GS-921 woc
Temptations Anthology 1973 Motown M-782A3 3LP/bk
Temptations Greatest Hits 1966 Gordy GLPS-919
Terrio, Deney 6 Night Moves 3LP/box/bk
Tex, Joe I Gotcha 1972 Dial
Tha Dogg Pound 6 "Let's Play House"/"Do What I Feel" 1995 Death Row SPRO-30028 12"/sgl/pr
Tha Dogg Pound "New York, New York" 1995 Death Row DRPS-00002 12"/sgl/pr
The Look of Love
The Sensuous Woman The Sensuous Woman by J 1972 Atlantic
Third World Third World 1977 Island
Thomas, Dylan Dylan Thomas Reads Vol. 2 1957 Cademon TC-1018 Mono
Thornton, Big Mama Saved
Thorogood, George, and the Delaware Destroyers Bad to the Bone 1982 EMI-America 1A-064-400118 Holland
Thorogood, George, and the Delaware Destroyers George Thorogood and the Destroyers 1977 Rounder 3013
Timbuk3 Greetings from Timbuk3 1986 IRS
Tin Huey Contents Dislodged During Shipment 1979 Warner Bros. BSK-3297 pr
Tippetts, Julie Sunset Glow
Titus, Libby Libby Titus wlp/t&ts
Tjader, Cal 10 Plays Mambo 1954 Fantasy 3-18 10"/Mono/red vinyl/sm splt
TLC 6 "Get It Up" 1993 Epic 49-77073 ss/12"/sgl
Tolliver, Charles The Ringer
Tolonen, Jukka Crossection wlp
Tom Tom Club 3 "Call of the Wild"/"Genius of Love" 1989 Sire 0-21285 12"/sgl
Tomita Firebird 1976 RCA ARD1-1312 Quad
Tomlin, Lily 6 This Is a Recording 1971 Polydor 24-4055
Toney, Oscar Jr. 3 For Your Precious Love Mono/wlp
Torme, Mel and George Shearing 6 An Evening At Charlie's
Towner, Ralph Solo Concert
Towner, Ralph and Gary Burton Matchbook
Townshend, Pete Who Came First 1972 Track DL-7-9189
Tracker Tracker 1982 Elektra E1-60118 wlp
Tracy, Jeanie "Let's Dance" 1988 Megatone MT-159 12"/sgl/auto
Traffic 6 Best of Traffic 1969 United Artists UAS-5500 in shrink
Traum, Happy and Artie 6 Happy and Artie Traum wobc
Traum, Happy and Artie 6 Happy and Artie Traum 1970 Capitol ST-586 sm splt/woc/wobc/cut
Traum, Happy and Artie 6 Hard Times In the Country 1975 Rounder
Traum, Happy and Artie 10 Double Back 1971 Capitol ST-799 cut/sm splt/srw/wobc
Traveling Wilburys Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 1988 Wilbury 9-25796-1
Trip 66 5-Song EP 199? Ruff House L-45947 10"/pr/purple vnl
Triplets, The 20 Break the Silence 1986 Elektra ss
Trower, Robin 3 Twice Removed From Yesterday wtr
Trower, Robin 6 Caravan to Midnight pr
Troy, Doris Doris Troy 1971 Apple ST-3371 in shrink
Tubb, Ernest and Red Foley Ernie and Red Mono
Turing Test, The 6 Retrometabolism EP 2002 Wobblyhead WBL-009
Turner, Ike 6 Abreast of Soul pr
Turner, Ike & Tina River Deep Mountain High A&M hype sticker
Turner, Joe Another Epoch
Turner, Joe Nobody In Mind
Turtles, The 3 Golden Hits 196? Mono
Turtles, The Golden Hits
U2 6 Rattle & Hum 1988 Island 2LP/pr/wtr
Uncanny Alliance Everybody Up" 1994 A&M 31458-8294-1 12"/2LP
Undead, The 10 Never Say Die! 1989 Post Mortem LP-001 ins
Unforseen Blessings The Leaders 1990 Black Saint 120-129 ss
Unit 5 20 Scared of the Dark 1981 Clone Records CL-014 ss
Urbaniak, Michael Fusion III
Utopia Adventures In Utopia 1980 Bearsville BRK-6991 pr/toc
Valens, Richie Richie Valens 1960 Del-Fi 1201 no cvr/mono
Van Eaton, Lon & Derrek Brother 1972 Apple SW-3390 cut/woc/wol
Van Halen Fair Warning 1981 Warner Bros. HS-3540 in shrink
Van Halen Van Halen 1977 Warner Bros. BSK-3075 in shrink
Vanilla Fudge 3 Near the Beginning 1969 Atco SD-33-278
Vanilla Fudge 3 Vanilla Fudge 1967 Atco SD-33-224
Vannelli, Gino A Pauper In Paradise
Various Artists 3 RCOA Stereo Systems Test Record 1971 Yorkshire 27012 ins
Various Artists 3 Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 7 1967 Motown 661 Mono/no rec.  sm splt
Various Artists 3 Railroad Sounds: Steam and Diesel 196? Mono Audio Fidelity AFLP-1843
Various Artists 3 Discobumpers 1976 MFP SMFP-50239 Indian
Various Artists 3 Jazztone Society 1957 10"/torn jacket
Various Artists 3 Music Box Christmas
Various Artists 3 Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 2
Various Artists 3 Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 8 1967 Motown Mono/no cvr
Various Artists 6 Carmen a Hip Hopera 2001 Columbia 44-79620
Various Artists 6 Motown Year By Year-The 1960s 1995 Motown 374631298-1 12"/sgl/pr/Martha & the Vandellas / Supremes / Temptations / Jr. Walker / Marvin Gaye / Tammi Terrell
Various Artists 6 Motown Year By Year-The 1980s
Various Artists 6 Schlagers! 1970 Warner Bros. PRO-359 2LP/pr/bk/srw
Various Artists 6 Different Strokes 1970 Columbia AS-12 toc
Various Artists 6 Breakdance 1984 K-Tel NU-3606 ins
Various Artists 6 Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 3 1964 Motown 624 Mono
Various Artists 6 Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 6 1966 Motown M-655 Mono
Various Artists 6 The Tamla Motown Sound 1968 Tamla Motown C-048-90-860 German
Various Artists 6 Top Secret! October 2004 2004 Top Secret TS-044b ss/12"/sgl
Various Artists 6 Woodstock II 1971 Cotillion SD2-500 2LP
Various Artists 6 Here's Johnny: Magical Moments from the Tonight Show 1976 Casablanca SPNB-1296 2LP/in shrink
Various Artists 6 Muzak Stimulus Progression 1976 Muzak MU-176
Various Artists 6 A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Vol. 2 1972 Warner Bros. pr
Various Artists 6 Folksong '65 Elektra Mono/pr
Various Artists 6 RSO Chartbusters
Various Artists 10 No Nukes 1979 Asylum ML-801 3LP/wlp/bk
Various Artists 15 A Harvest Sampler (Pink Floyd track) 1978 Harvest
Various Artists 20 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 2016 Time Life ss
Various Artists Collection of 16 Big Motown Hits, Vol. 4 1965 Motown 633 Mono/no cvr
Various Artists Themes Like Old Times 196? Viva V-36018 no cvr
Various Artists Jazz at the Philharmonic, Montreux 1975
Various Artists Trumpet Kings, Montreux 1975
Various Artists New Music From ECM, Vol. 4
Various Artists You Got Magic: Fox Hollow 10th Anniversary
Various Artists Best of the Blues 3LP/box
Various Artists Artista Freedom Sampler
Various Artists The Sound of Harlem
Various Artists Yorkshire Folk Box Vol. 2
Various Artists Concerts for the People of Kampuchea 1981 Atlantic 60-153-SD-2-7005 2LP/German/McCartney
Various Artists The Sound of Harlem 1973 3LP/wlp/t&ts
Various Artists Rock Superstars, Vol. 1 UK
Various Artists Hungarian Folk Songs
Various Artists CTI Summer Jazz
Various Artists Mojo Let It Be Revisited Mojo ss
Various Artists Days of Wine & Vinyl 1972 Warner/Reprise 2LP
Various Artists Horizon Music: Records and Tapes 1978 Horizon/A&M SP-17038 wlp
Various Artists A&M Pre-Release #46, August 1981 1981 A&M SP-17166 wlp/12" sgl/toc
Various Artists Media Music Release No. 3: Bossa Nova Tijuana Festival 196? Capitol Custom XB-2480/81 wlp
Various Artists Display Case #8 1972 Warner Bros. PRO-532 wlp/2LP/cuts from T. Rex "The Slider"/Tim Buckley/Jack Nitzsche
Various Artists Introduction to Quadraphonic Sound 1972 Columbia QX-31403 Quad
Various Artists The Spectacular Sound of Four Channel Stereo 1972 Columbia CSQ-10559 Quad (SQ) demo
Various Artists Fisher Test & Performance Standard 1974 Total Sound PR-402 Quad (SQ/CD4) demo
Various Artists 1969 Record Show, The 1969 Warner Bros. PRO-336 2LP/pr/bk
Various Artists Big Ball, The 1970 Warner Bros. PRO-358 2LP/pr/bk
Various Artists [1959] Folk Festival at Newport, Vol. 1 1960 Vanguard VRS-9062 Mono/srw/wobc
Various Artists The Naked Carmen 197? Mercury SRM-1-604 ins/sm splt
Various Artists Deep Ear 1974 Warner Bros. PRO-591 2LP/pr/srw/sm splt
Various Artists Best of Beserkley, Chartbusters, Vol. 1 1975 Beserkley B-0044 srw
Various Artists Max's Kansas City: New Wave Hits for the '80s 1980 Max's Kansas City MKC1980
Various Artists Have a Merry Chess Christmas 1988 Chess 25210 pr
Various Artists Harlem Shuffle 1998 Plastic Records PL-001 Italy
Various Artists Last Temptation of Elvis 1990 NME 2LP/wlp
Various Artists We Had a Ball 196? Limelight LS-86002 bk/sm splt
Various Artists Blues Deluxe 1980 Alligator/XRT 9301
Various Artists This Is Soul 1968 Atlantic SD-8170
Various Artists All Ears: CB Songs 197? Radio Shack 50-6002 sm splt
Various Artists Break-Master featuring New York City Breakers 1984 K-Tel NU-9010
Various Artists Disco Teen '66 1966 Columbia Special Products D-155 Mono
Various Artists What's Shakin' 1966 Elektra EKL-4002 Mono/ins
Various Artists What's Shakin' 1966 Elektra Mono
Various Artists A Bunch of Stiffs 1977 Stiff SEEZ-2 UK
Various Artists Western Swing Vol. 2 198? Arhoolie/Old Timey 116 cut
Various Artists Western Swing Vol. 5 198? Arhoolie/Old Timey 120 cut
Various Artists Texas Fiddle Favorites by The Franklins 1966 County 707 cut
Various Artists Denon Jazz PCM in New York 1978 Denon ST-6004 Japanese/pr
Various Artists American Top 40 June 18, 1983 1983 Watermark 832-12 4LP/box/inserts
Various Artists Songs That Sell Hoover 195? Hoover Vacuum Co. 3LP/78/box/red vinyl/pr
Various Artists Bowling Balls From Hell 1980 Clone Records CL-011 ss
Various Artists Bowling Balls II 1981 Clone Records CL-013 ss
Various Artists Bowling Balls From Hell 1980 ss Clone CL-011
Various Artists Bowling Balls From Hell II 1981 ss Clone CL-013
Various Artists 16 Big Hits Vol. 2 196? Tamla
Various Artists Toyota Jazz Parade
Various Artists Themes Like Old Times 197? Viva V-36018 ss/se
Various Artists Great Moments in Music, Vol. 10: Ballet 1980 Time Life/RCA STLS-6010-J ss
Various Artists Long Man Blues 1989 Pearl/Delmark PL-17 ss
Various Artists Themes Like Old Times 196? Viva V-36018 cut/ss
Various Artists Woodstock 1970 Cotillion SD3-500 3LP/wlp
Various Artists Masters of Rap 1987 Sugarhill SPLP-8010 12"/EP
Various Artists My Companion 1991 Turn of the Century TOTCLP04 ss
Various Artists Light and Lively Background Music 195? Capitol H-375 10"/mono
Various Artists From Akron 1977 Clone Records ss
Various Artists Shure Alignment Test 1973 Shure TTR-110 Cartridge alignment
Various Artists A Tribute to Woody Guthrie 1969 Columbia pr
Various Artists The New Music wlp Epic
Vee, Vivien Remember' 1986 LES 001BS 12"/sgl/ss
Velvet Underground, The Loaded 1969 Cotillion SD-9034 tobc
Ventures, The 3 Theme From Shaft 1971 United Artists UAS-5547
Verlaine, Tom 6 "A Town Called Walker"/"Marquee Moon" 1987 IRS L33-17369 sm splt/12"
Village People 3 'Macho Man'/'Y.M.C.A.' 1978 Casablanca NBD-20144 12"/sgl
Vimana Nova
Violent Femmes Ugly 1983 Rough Trade RTD-012T 12"/German
Vituous, Miroslav 6 Majesty Music
Volenweider, Andreas Behind the Gardens...
Wainwright, Loudon III 6 T-Shirt cut/pr
Waits, Tom 20 Selections From 'Night On Earth' 1992 Island promo EP
Wakeman, Rick Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1974 A&M SP-3621 wlp/banded/ins
Waldron, Mal Blues For Lady Day
Walker, Jerry Jeff 15 Five Years Gone ins/wlp
Walker, Junior & the All-Stars 10 Anthology 1973 Motown 3LP
Walker, T-Bone Classics of Modern Blues
Walker, T-Bone Funky Town in shrink
War 10 The World Is A Ghetto 1972 United Artists UAS-5652
War All Day Music 1971 United Artists UAS-5546
War War's Greatest Hits 1976 United Artists
Ward, Anita Ring My Bell 12" sgl
Ware, Leon 6 Night Blooming Jasmine 197? Almo 10" one-sided Acetate
Warnes, Jennifer Best of Jennifer Warnes wobc
Warwick, Dionne 3 Heartbreaker 1982 Arista AL-9609 in shrink
Warwick, Dionne Then Came You 1975 Warner Bros. BS4-2846 Quad
Washington, Grover A Secret Place
Washington, Grover, Jr. 3 Feels So Good 1975 Kudu 24
Washington, Grover, Jr. 3 Mr. Magic 1975 Kudu KU-20-S1
Washington, Grover, Jr. Soul Box 1973 Kudu KUX-1213 2LP/box
Wayne, Chuck Chuck Wayne 10"/Mono Savoy
Weather Girls 'It's Raining Men' 1982 Columbia 44-03181 12"/sgl/auto
Weather Report Weather Report
Weir, Bob Ace 1972 Warner Bros. BS-2627
Weir, Bob Ace
Welk, Lawrence 3 Best of
Wells, Mary Vintage Stock 1966 Motown MS-653 cut
Wesley, Fred & the Horny Horns Featuring Maceo Parker A Blow For Me...
West Side Mob "Let's Dance" / "Monster Jam" 1981 Sugar Hill 559 12"/sgl
Weston, Randy Berkshire Blues
Weston, Randy Blues to Africa
Wettling, George George Wettling's Jazz Band 1951 Columbia CL-5189 Mono/10"
Wha-Koo Berkshire
Whalum, Kirk Floppy Disk 1985 Columbia FC-40221 pr
Wheeler, Kenny Deer Wan
White Noise 10 White Noise 2 Virgin UK
White, Alan Ramshackled
Whitesnake Best of 1982 Underdog 67892 France
Who, The 3 Face Dances 1981 Warner Brothers HS-3516
Who, The 3 Live at Leeds
Who, The 6 Quadrophenia 1980 MCA 2-6895 2LP
Who, The Athena 1981 Warner Bros. 12"/sgl/UK
Who, The Who Are You
Who, The Live at Leeds
Who, The Odds & Sods 1974 MCA 2126
Who, The Who Are You 1978 MCA 3050 red vinyl/Canadian
Who, The Who's Next 1971 Track 2408-102 UK
Who, The By Numbers 1976 MCA 2161 rw
Who, The Maximum R&B 1981 Polydor WHOPX 6 German/pic disc
Wiggins, Gerald, Trio 6 Around the World in 80 Days 196? Decca UK/torn cvr
Williams, Don You're My Best Friend 1975 ABC Dot DOSD-2021 sealed
Williams, Hank Wait for the Light to Shine 196? MGM E-3850
Williams, Jessica Orgonomic Music
Williams, John The Guitar Is the Song 1982 CBS Masterworks 37825 pr/woc
Williams, Mason The Mason Williams Phonograph Record 1968 Warner Bros. WS-1729
Williams, Tony 6 Believe It wlp
Williams, Willie Raw, Unpolluted Soul 1973 Supreme Blues SR-1001 sm splt
Wilson, Jackie 35 So Much 1960 Brunswick BL-54050 Mono/pr
Wilson, Shanice Discovery
Winding, Kai and J.J. Johnson East Coast Jazz Series No. 7 195? Bethlehem BCP-6001 Mono
Winter, Johnny Second Winter
Winter, Johnny Johnny Winter
Winter, Johnny Live Johnny Winter And
Winter, Johnny Live Johnny Winter And
Winterhalter, Hugo Goes Latin 1959 RCA LSP-1677 Living Stereo
Winters Brothers Band, The The Winters Brothers Band
Winters, Jonathan 6 Here's Jonathan 196? Verve V-15025 Mono
Winwood, Steve 6 Arc of a Diver
Withers, Bill Just As I Am 1971 A&M 85-686 IT German
Wizzard See My Baby Jive 1973 Harvest SHSP-4034 British
Wofford Strawberry Wine Epic in shrink
Woken By Wire The Folk Beat 1998 Corleone #002 10"
Wolf, Peter 6 Lights Out
Wonder, Stevie 3 Hotter Than July 1980 Tamla T8-373M1
Wonder, Stevie 6 Talking Book 1972 Tamla T-319L woc/srw
Wonder, Stevie 15 Songs In the Key of Life 1976 Tamla T13-340C2 2LP/bk/7" EP
Wonder, Stevie Innervisions 1973 Tamla T-326V1
Wonder, Stevie Uptight
Wonder, Stevie Looking Back 1972 Motown M-804LP3 3LP/srw
Wonder, Stevie Music Of My Mind 1972 Tamla T-314L
Wonder, Stevie Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants 1979 Tamla TI3-371C2 2LP
Wonder, Stevie Talking Book 1972 Tamla
Wonder, Stevie Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1971 Tamla T-313L
Woods, Chris Modus Operandi 1978 Delmark DS-437 ss
Woods, Phil 3 A Live Recording, Vol. 1
Woods, Phil Rights of Swing
Woods, Phil Six Live From the Showboat
Wyman, Bill Stone Alone 1976 Rolling Stones COC-79103 sm splt
Wynette, Tammy D-I-V-O-R-C-E 1968 Epic BN-26392
X "Wild Thing" 12" sgl Elektra
Xymox 6 'Phoenix of My Heart 1991 Polygram/Mercury (no #) 12"/wlp/ins
Yes 3 Tormato
Yes 6 Relayer wlp
Yes 10 Yes 1969 Atlantic SD-8243 w/lyric ins
Yes 15 Time and a Word 1970 Atlantic SD-8273 sm splt
Yes Fragile 1971 Atlantic SD-7211 ins
Yes Yesterdays 1974 Atlantic
Young, Faron Some Kind of Woman 1974 Mercury SRM-1-698 sealed
Young, Lester The Aladdin Sessions
Young, Lester Pres Is Blue 195? Charlie Parker Mono
Young, Neil 3 Decade (disk 2 w/jacket only)
Young, Neil 6 American Stars and Bars
Young, Neil 6 Comes a Time 1978 Reprise MSK-2266
Young, Neil 10 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Young, Neil 10 Neil Young 1968 Reprise RS-6317 wlp/sm splt/woc/toc/original mix
Young, Neil 20 Freedom 1989 Reprise
Young, Neil Live Rust 1978 Reprise
Young, Neil Live Rust 2LP
Young, Neil Re-ac-tor
Young, Neil Live Rust 1979 Reprise 2LP/srw
Young, Neil After the Gold Rush
Young, Neil Decade disk 2 only
Young, Webster 10 Plays the Miles Davis Songbook ss
Zappa, Frank 3 Over-nite Sensation 1973 DiscReet MS-2149
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers 6 Burnt Weeny Sandwich 1969 Bizarre RS-6370
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers 20 Fillmore/Mothers, June 1971 1974 Reprise MS-2042
Zmirou, Henriette and Elie French Folk Songs 1954 Folkways FP-832 Mono/10"
ZZ Top 6 Greatest Hits 1977 Warner Bros.